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Looking Out My Back Door


Last week I found crocus and snowdrops blooming. And now we have snow. Not a lot and it will melt quickly, but looking at the furniture makes me long for cocktails on the deck.

I am so ready for spring!

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  1. We got the same nasty reminder that it’s still winter. I may need to turn up my audiobook today so I don’t have to hear the 40 mph winds howling outside!

  2. I was wondering if you were getting some and wondering how much. Fletch saw that the Adirondacks could get up to two feet! We had squalls yesterday, but nothing stayed around. The winds though…they have not ceased and windows are still rattling!

  3. We’ve had snow as well — more over the last day or two, in fact, that we’d had to date this year! But it looks like warmer temperatures are on their way and the flowers will be appearing again. I’ll do my best to send the warmth your way!

  4. We got lucky and dodged the nor easter that came up the east coast the other day. It was cold and rainy but we didn’t get all that snow that fell to the north of us.

  5. LOL and I’m sending all my Spring wishes north (and west) this week!! My porch furniture is wrapped up to keep the pollen (somewhat?!) at bay … I’m so ready for the end of pollen season! I must say – Spring is pretty to look at, but I’m becoming one who really loves summer!

  6. Ugh. 2 feet here. That deck looks pretty inviting…praying you’re sitting out there soon!

  7. Theoretically, you could still have cocktails on the deck. Hot toddy, anyone? (Pretty ready to move on to Spring here, too)

  8. It won’t be TOO long now . . . I’ll bet that there will be pockets of deck-weather (with heaters and maybe some wool, of course) in the next couple of months. (I can’t wait.)

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