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In light of not having much of interest to post about right now . . . I give you . . . some random things I’m currently doing . . .

Reading: Babel. I like it a lot but, honestly, I feel like I’ve been reading it forever.

Watching: Call the Midwife (we have early access as PBS sustainers) and I’m excited to start Daisy Jones & the Six. We’re also really enjoying Fantasy Island.

Writing: Lots of lists, in my journal, for work, and to document my gratitude. I also seem to be writing a lot of things on my calendar.

Knitting: Socks. George still needs a refresher with the spray bottle every now and again but mostly he’s being a very good boy.

Purging: Things from my closet that don’t feel good. If it’s uncomfortable for any reason it’s OUT.

Seeking: Signs of spring! The daffodils are shooting up, but it feels like it’s super slow this year.

Planning: Flower beds. I don’t think I will have room for any vegetables in our raised beds this year, they will be full of zinnias and dahlias.

Booking: Spring and summer camping trips! We’re going to brave the early spring for a few days next month and I’ve also booked a week in July when we will be camping with Jessica and her little family. We are ready to get back out there with Huck!

Talking: With my IT guy this weekend. I know the blog is still slow and I’m also not getting emails for all of your comments, but I’m determined to get it resolved.

Ready: For the weekend. One more day!

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  1. It seems you also have a list or two for your blog. Planning lists are fun as we anticipate upcoming events. A reminder there’s more out there than the ToDo list.

    ((Also for your blog, and this might be me, but no matter how often I tell it to remember me for future comments, I have to type in my name, email when I comment now. )

  2. I really liked Babel but agree with you that it did seem a little longer than it needed to be. I look forward to photos of your gorgeous homegrown bouquets this summer!

  3. A delightful list of things! I have Babel in my queue… I am thinking it might be a good “sewing companion” and I might even feel like that undertaking will be quick listening to such a long book! LOL XO

  4. We’re all caught up with Daisy Jones and the Six, and look forward to more episodes. We also enjoyed getting back into Ted Lasso world last night. 🙂 I think giving up your vegetable garden for zinnias and dahlias is a wise choice! (You can always visit the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables. . . ) (Just sayin.) And best of luck to you with the blog-issue. (I know what a pain all of that is . . . ) XO

  5. I’ve started planting seeds for our vegetable garden but I’d gladly trade some space in it for zinnias and dahlias! I’ve been a bit afraid to watch Daisy Jones because I did enjoy the book, but maybe I’ll give it a try. I wish you luck with your closet; I’m afraid if I purged things that were uncomfortable I might only be left with six things!

  6. A really good list, and one I can relate to. Closet purging is high on my to do list. My wardrobe will need a transition in June as I am retiring.

    And we are itching to get the camper out again. We are headed to Asheville in April and Maine in July with some shorter trips in between.

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