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My Weekend Adventures

On Friday, Sunflowerfairy left a comment, as she often does.  She complimented me on the strawberry photo and then said, “Have great adventures this weekend! I can’t wait to read about them on Monday.”  Talk about pressure!  I thought all weekend about what I could possibly show that would look remotely like an adventure.    I think I came up with a couple of things.

On Friday afternoon we went to see Angels and Demons.  It was great.  We came home and spent the rest of the evening on the deck, eating more of those grilled shrimp and just hanging out.

On Saturday Dale had 2 band jobs.  The first one was in the afternoon and I opted to stay home and hang out and knit.  I spent the better part of the day trying to get photos of our resident hummingbirds.


After lots and lots of pictures of the feeder without birds, I finally got this one.  Hooray.

Saturday evening was Dale’s second band job and I went with him.  It was an oldies night at a local social club and there were costumes and old cars and stuff.


I liked the yellow ’57 Pontiac Chieftain the best.

Sunday being Father’s Day it was all up to Dale.


Lobster, corn and beer.  I’m glad he has good taste.  And I’m glad he shares, too.

And that’s my weekend recap.  I hope the adventures were exciting enough for Heidi and the rest of you!

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  1. Great shot of the hummingbird – I took your advice and bought a Canon Rebel this weekend. I hope the weather improves and I can test it out.

  2. Sounds like an adventure to me! And looks like you got some sunshine… it rained all weekend and is still raining around here. Oh well…

  3. Great photo of the Hummingbird. Life is an adventure, each and every day, it just depends on your viewpoint. Wondrous things exists everywhere, all one needs to do is to see them. By the way the lobster dinner looked very yummy.

  4. Your photos are great, especially the one of the Hummingbird.
    And the lobster dinner is making my mouth water. I will have to
    wait until I get up to the Cape in September to enjoy one. Love
    reading your blog and need to comment on it more often.

  5. Corn, lobster, and WINE, not beer! MY DH loves beer though and enjoys trying new ones. Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend.

  6. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Great hummingbird picture. I am still waiting to see our hummingbirds come back to us. Not sure what happened – they are usually here by now 🙁

  7. I love it! Must remember, “take me to something interesting/yarn store/fill in the blank, I need blog fodder!”

    Amazing humming bird photo. I’m still enjoying ducklings, but never see something that dainty.

  8. Great hummingbird photo! A lobster dinner is a wonderful way to start the summer. I must respectfully disagree with ChristyH above – beer and lobster is the way to go. Yum.

  9. Beer goes better with lobster, no contest. Our local weather forecast alleges that the sun might turn up again next Saturday. It is good weather for knitting, however – keeps us cheerful.

  10. Sounds like you had a full and fun weekend. The hummingbird photo is lovely. Such delicate birds to have such tenacious behavior.

  11. What a great weekend, Carole!

    You have made me so hungry, and nothing in the house compares to strawberries, grilled shrimp, corn on the cob, or lobster, but I am so hungry, just about anything is going to seem tasty.

  12. The lobster looks wonderful…reminds me of the one I had on vacation this week! Glad Dale had a nice Father’s Day! I am trying to get to Angels and Demons in my to-be-read stack. Then I’ll go see the movie!!!

  13. Seems pretty darned adventurous to me! (Of course, I don’t live close enough to the shore for good lobster…so that would be an adventure)

    Now the car? My next door neighbors are collectors, so I do see a lot of very old, very NICELY restored antiques. But the one you saw? I’d say that’s really a nice one.
    And the hummingbird photo is priceless!

  14. I love that you spent most of the day trying to take a picture of a hummingbird at the feeder. I can totally see myself doing that. Sounds like a great weekend.

  15. Sounds like a fine weekend to me! The place where we vacation every August has hummingbirds, of which I’ve so far succeeded in taking nary a pic. Good thing digital photography doesn’t waste film, and also good thing you’re more patient and/or talented than I am.

  16. That hummer shot is fantastic! Terry could have gone for the lobster, too, but had to settle for pizza. Granted, it was my homemade pizza, and he had no complaints, but he deserved a lobster for driving me all the way to and from Shelburne, MA for a spin-in at Barb Parry’s!

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