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A Different Tuesday Post

Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Favorite Sports Plays Ever.  Me and sports – not so much.  I couldn’t even think of one favorite sports play.  What’s a blogger to do when she doesn’t have a post?  Post a picture of the cat, of course.


Here is Mason.  You may notice that he is lying on my Felted Project Bag.  MY bag.  He has commandeered it for himself and naps on it every chance he gets.  A long long time ago I knit him a felted kitty bed.  He ignored it.  But my bag – my NORMA bag –  that he just loves.


Typical cat.

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  1. Our cats LOVE the Kitty Pi(e.) Surprising. They ignore the knitting and the yarn, although they’ve been known to go for the tip of a bamboo needle.

  2. Yes, Mason, we all see how handsome you are on Mama’s red purse. Yes, we see how patient you are being as she interrupts your nap.

    Scritches behind the ears and under the chin (Mason, not Carol)! 🙂

  3. Beautiful boy has great taste. My daughter knit/felted a bed for our cats. They prefer just washed laundry that is waiting to be folded. I wonder if cats have some sort of “Code”.

  4. Cats will always go first for what is warm and smells like you. If you want him to use his bed, sit on it for an evening. Then he’ll adopt it as his own. It helps to make sure whatever it is, is in a color that sets off their fur. 🙂

  5. A bed is just a bed, but a bag, well, that is an accessory. Cats are all about accessorizing, it’s why they are just compelled to ‘accessorize’ us with all that hair of theirs.

  6. I’m glad you’re coming to the realization that that is MASON’S bag, not yours. Obviously, you knit it for *him*. When you have a cat, I’m not sure there’s “MY” anything.

  7. My cats leave my knitting alone but the love a quilt in progess – any stage, pieces of fabric on the floor, finished quilt top and most especially a top being quilted.

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