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Random Wednesday

What comes the day after a post about the cat?  A day of random posts, of course.

~You only have until the end of this week to donate to Claudia’s MS Ride.  There are some fabulous prizes available and Claudia sure could use your support.

~Hannah got her Learner’s Permit yesterday.  If you are a driver in the Southeastern MA area – watch out.

~The Bristow Sweater for Lois is coming along nicely.  I’ve finished the back and the two fronts and I’m working on the sleeves.  These sleeves seem quite full to me.  I even went down a size and they are still rather full.  I hope it works out okay in the end.

~The rainy weather continues.  It’s supposed to be better late this afternoon or tomorrow.  I sure hope so as I think I’m starting to grow mold around the edges.

What’s random in your world?

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  1. Hmmm – in the photos and schematic in Knitty, the sleeves look extremely full. Is it possible to slim them down without changing the armholes? Those things are always so tricky.

  2. Hmmm random…I’ve been seeing wildlife almost daily this entire month. Could it be the rain? That sweater pattern is really nice!

  3. I love that sweater. Funny because on the model the sleeves don’t appear to be very full, but what do I know-lol. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  4. That really is weird because the schematic does make the sleeves look much wider than they do on the model.

    I’m so happy that we finally have sun here and I hope it arrives by you really soon.

  5. Our sun finally came yesterday! My husband and I have enjoyed planting in the misty rain, but it’s grown old. My daughter drove on the freeway for the first time Monday. Thank goodness it was with the driving instructor and not me.
    Random: I have too many bookmarks in too many books and cannot seem to finish one. What’s that about?

  6. You can have our sun – as long as you take the humidity! And why do think that Hannah is really a VERY safe and conscientious driver. Just like her mom???

  7. Do I need to send you some Tilex to help with the personal mold issues?

    We’re having normal summer weather and I’m already half dead from the heat.

    Driving? Already?

  8. Just finished the knitting on my Vivian and realized that the sleeves are about 4.5 inches too long. Seriously. I can live with wearing it with the sleeves rolled up, but it screws with my plans to enter it at State Fair. sigh

  9. Learners Permit – hmm…I remember those days!

    Meant to say that Mason looks quite pretty on your beautiful bag! They are typical cats aren’t they!!!

    Still raining here…

  10. well, I’m switching from rediators to baseboards in 2 rooms/ that’s pretty random. I recieved a shawl pattern from Cheryl <McCarthy( shes soo nice) in the mail today. ps is it safe to drive to Lois’s house tonite?

  11. My entire day has been random. You’ll probably be getting blistering hot soon – that’ll dry up the mold.

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