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Who’s Your Paddy?

The title for today’s post comes from the best Irish t-shirt I’ve seen. Who’s your paddy!? Hah!

Okay, so let me say right up front that I am not Irish. Nevertheless, everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, right? And Boston is a terrific place to be on this particular holiday so Dale and I made the most of it on Sunday.

First, we went to the parade.


We saw storm troopers dressed in their Irish finest.


We saw St. Patrick himself. We did not see any snakes so he must have done his job once again.


We saw our friends in the 22nd Mass.


And we saw lots and lots of bagpipes.

After the parade we made our way over to Fanueil Hall for some eatin’ and drankin’. Guinness on tap. Mmm. And a couple of Irish car bombs.

Finally, we wandered over to the common.


The statues were decorated for the holidays.


And the frogs at the frog pond were looking ever so photogenic.


We ended the day with a bit of a skate on the frog pond. We aren’t as graceful on skates as we used to be but it was still fun. Until I fell and knocked Dale down as I went down. I whacked my knee pretty good and it killed me yesterday.  As in, I could barely walk.

It was worth it, though. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Chuckling to myself. You and Dale sure know how to have fun! And your poor bruised bodies. Chuckling cuz I wiped out 3 times on the remaining icy patches in the yard taking the dog out- flat out on my ass and back. Not pretty. And I didn’t even have ice skates on 🙂 Heh.

  2. I’m now sure what I think of the Irish Car Bomb. Manise is right – you two sure do know how to have fun. I hope your knee is feeling better today.

  3. I love Fanuiel Hall – haven’t been there in a few years now.

    You are braver than I – I won’t skate anymore because I am afraid I might hurt my back. You go girl!

  4. Wow, what a day. We content ourselves with watching the very funny political breakfast roast in Southie on TV. Love your photos. If you like mayhem, you should come to Fiesta in Gloucester in early summer!

  5. I’ve been in the South too long: forgot ice skating and St. Patrick’s Day could possibly coexist. I hope your knee recovers pronto.

    Thanks for taking us to the parade.

  6. I’m so jealous of you being in Boston for the festivities but thank you very much for posting the pictures.

    I hope your knee heals up very quickly!!!

  7. Hope your knee heals quickly! I am always so torn on St. Patrick’s Day. There are so little true Irish around for the holiday to be so large. I wish other nationalities got as much press for their special days. (It doesn’t help that most of my family is English either!)

  8. How fun! We used to go into Boston for that parade when I was little.

    Bummer about the knee, but at least you had fun right? 🙂

  9. You are so very pretty and photogenic!
    There is no place better to be than Boston on St Paddy’s day 😉 I miss it.
    Dang – I hope that your bruised knee heals fast.

  10. I’m still completely astounded that you have ice skating rinks OUTSIDE. (My little born-in-the-desert self thinks, “That’s such a waste of all that air conditioning!” even though I know better.)

  11. Irish Stormtroopers. Who knew?!

    Dang, there was still skateable ice on Sunday?! Not here, unless you didn’t mind skating through a couple inches of water.

  12. I don’t yet have a taste for Guiness but it sure looks good. Like pudding with a layer of cream on top. My husband was telling me that today is also Evacuation Day in Boston. What an interesting story. Did you have to work today or is Evacuation Day a holiday for you?

  13. If that was spelled differently, I’d have an answer for you. ;^)

    Y’all always have such a good time. I hope the knee is feeling better today. It’s not your spinnin’ knee is it? o.O


  14. Huh…I thought St. Patrick would be older. I guess all this celebratin’ keeps a fella young! Ditto what Teyani sez. You are a pretty girl!

  15. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not a big drinker, but I do like imagining I’m Irish and that I live in a lovely cottage in County Clare, run a B&B, and knit my own handspun in my spare time.

  16. Happy St. Patty’s Day. I remember at Thanksgiving when my daughter was home with her friend, they enjoyed a couple of Irish Car Bombs at a local pub. First I’d heard of them. I think everyone is Irish on a day like today. Even the young Turkish guy that sits beside me said his name was O’Kulebi today.

  17. Last week was my son’s B-day and I gave him a green Life Is Good T-shirt that had a little guitar drawing on the front with a caption ‘Sham-rock On’. He wore it today and came home disgusted:
    He had teachers at school tell him that it was nice to see a St. Patrick’s Day shirt that wasn’t offensive. He asked me ‘Mom, why couldn’t you have gotten me an offensive T-shirt?’ Some folks are never happy!

    Anyway, I like the Who’s Your Paddy shirt description.

    I hope your knee feels better. At least it isn’t a body part that you knit with.

  18. I was in downtown Boise today and unexpectedly came upon about fifteen bagpipers marching down the street. That was it. No parade. Just some guys in kilts playing away. Very cool. No Storm Troopers, but still very cool.

    Keep icing that knee! I hope you feel better tomorrow.

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