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An Unexciting Weekend ‘Round Here

Wow, I cannot believe it is Monday already!  Home improvement projects sure don’t make for exciting or blogworthy weekends.  This particular weekend involved a lot of painting (mostly by Dale) and not nearly enough knitting.

We did do one fun thing, though.  We celebrated Earth Hour on Saturday night.


We turned off the lights and played cards.  I won.  Maybe it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all.

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  1. I didn’t even hear about Earth Hour until it was over. Celebrating with no lights and playing cards sounds like a good idea any time!

  2. Sounds great! We didn’t celebrate it, having celebrated willy-nilly (for six hours, not just one!) a week ago Sunday after a car hit a utility pole near our neighborhood.

  3. I think that sometimes the most mundane things can be so comforting; as for cards, Ed and I play crib and I have definitely become a much more graceful loser….NOT!

  4. Playing cards by candlelight sounds great – maybe you ought to play that way all the time – especially if you win!!!

  5. Lovely picture to remember the event. We had Earth Weekend! And a few pictures too. Maybe I’ll post them some day.

    We did a big puzzle (but it didn’t get finished). And meals by candlelight. And no TV. And no heat even! heh It was pretty nice since we still had hot water. 🙂

  6. My husband and I try to get a game of cribbage in when possible. Love it – though he usually wins! Earth Hour is new to me. Very cool.
    Great composition on the photo.

  7. I spent an hour with a scientist (an astronaut actually) this past weekend, who said the Earth Hour event is a really powerful idea
    …. ten years too late. But I’m glad youwon at cards sweetpea. WHAT did you win 🙂 ?

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