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April 1, 2009

I have made a difficult decision and I need to share it with all of you.

I will not be blogging anymore.

I am quitting knitting and selling off my yarn stash.

I’m quitting spinning and giving away my wheels.

I won’t  be on Ravelry or flickr anymore.

I’m done.

I think I’ll take up stamp collecting in my new found spare time.

That is all.  Good bye.

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  1. Ha! Happy April 1 to you as well. I went to the gym this morning and lifted, ran 6 miles, ate a completely balanced breakfast and made it to work on time. Or…the alarm didn’t go off and we were all scrambling – a little joke from the alarm clock!

  2. Just when I found your super-cool blog, you’re calling it quits? Aw ‘cmon! No hard-core addict goes cold-turkey man!

  3. But who will knit for my babies? Yes, I’m pregnant with twins. Runs in the family. Goodie. I just found out it’s going to be a boy and a girl. I was going to name them Carole and Dale and ask you and Dale to be the godparents, but now…

  4. funny
    my steph daily calendar said to tell people you love you are quitting knitting — then said they will never believe you.
    thanks for the laugh

  5. OK, so you had me going for a moment, mostly because I called home this afternoon and the kiddo wasn’t here and I had a bit of a panic and I wondered if the most horrible thing happened would I be able to write it on the blog and close comments and the blog and and and. And then I took a breath. Turns out he had detention and didn’t remind anybody. And then Don and the dogs had a rather long walk and I had similar worries. WHAT’s with that??? Glad you’re just yanking our chain!

  6. I was being sucked in (tragically, I might add) until the knitting part and then well…

  7. Won’t the recycled kitty litter yarn reviewed in the Knitter’s Review today make you change your mind?

  8. late to the party but I seem to remember you doing something similar last year ;>

    I’d miss you!

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