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And Now It’s Thursday

Okay, so you all didn’t fall for my April Fools Joke.  Here I am.  Still blogging.  Still knitting.  Still spinning.  I’m keeping my yarn.  All of it.  And my wheels, too.  I’m still on Ravelry and flickr.  It was just a joke and I’m glad you all took it so well since I saw some other online jokes go assplodey yesterday!

Anyway, there is knitting.

These are the 2 squares I’m sending to Cindy for Luke’s blanket.  I told you I was still knitting but figured I’d show you just in case anyone was worried.


That is all.  We now return to our regular blogging, knitting, spinning and living.  Mwah!

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  1. Very pretty! What yarn is that? I’ve got 2 done and working on my third. Had to rip out once when I realized it was going to be smaller than 5 inches square.

  2. Lovely squares! Great joke but you didn’t fool us. Although I WAS ready to send you my address for yarn donation HAHA!

  3. Very pretty squares!! I love that pin cushion — I bought one to give one of my sisters a long time ago, but never one for ME! Isn’t that always the way? She loves it. That’s what matters.
    ; )

  4. Very pretty squares (lovely color, too). Can you blog a little about your pin cushion? It looks very interesting (and as above commenter mentioned, very cute).

  5. Alas, I did not see your blog yesterday, nor any other blog, for that matter, because I spent the day at Children’s learning that Taz’s very odd and scary behavior lately had no observable cause. Of course he is better today. April Fool, indeed.

    But I’m glad none of yesterday’s statements is true. And both squares are lovely, especially the one on the right. (Must make more squares.)

  6. Nice squares! Glad to see you decided blogging was worth it. I tried out a few jokes on DH, but otherwise let the day slip by.

  7. good thing that was just an April Fools joke 🙂
    You’d go stir crazy if you couldn’t knit or spin!! (I know I would)

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