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Signs of Spring

A weekend full of knitting is a very good thing.  It’s relaxing and the time passes in a wonderful way.  It doesn’t, however, provide much to blog about come Monday morning.  Well, unless the weekend of knitting results in some finishing.  Mine didn’t, though, so Sunday afternoon I took the camera outside and looked for signs of spring.


I found daffodils that aren’t quite ready yet.


And crocuses (with a bee!) that have gone by.


And forsythia that is just right.

I love the sights of spring.  I hope you’re seeing some where you are, too.

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  1. The only sign here is the grass is beggining to turn green(ish).

    Great pictures, escpecially the one with the bee!

  2. Wow, you’re so close, and, yet, so far away. The city is still a thawing, frozen wasteland with no signs of spring yet. And you’ve got bugs flying already, too.

  3. It makes me feel good on this dark day to see your signs of spring. My tulips opened this weekend but I forgot to take a photo.

  4. I love spring! It’s my favorite season. We have a few flowers here, not many though. And the birds are returning. I haven’t seen a bee yet.

  5. Our most hopeful sight so far has been garbage pickup along the side of the expressway… hopefully we’ll get some of the real thing soon!

  6. Hmmmm – an inch of snow on the ground yesterday and 32 degrees today. But I do have a really pretty pedicure! Now if THAT isn’t a sign of spring!!

  7. Lots of stuff is blooming here, but it’s supposed to turn cold and snow this week. Snow in GA in April…weird!

  8. There are no signs of spring here. We got 4 or 5 inches of snow, wind, and single digit temps. Thanks for sharing your spring since I’m not sure we’re going to have one.

  9. well, the sun’s out almost every day now, and the snow is ever so slowly starting to melt. high temps are in the 30s and you can almost see the roads through the snow. yesterday i went in the back yard and the snow was still above my knees though 🙁 glad you have flowers to share at least!

  10. We have had plenty of signs of spring, but today it is more like winter. I need to finish my sm3 socks, but working along with my giant wool project on my lap is so inviting.

  11. You’re ahead of us by a few weeks! Last fall we cut the forsythia to the ground, something “they” say you can do w/ the old established bushes. Did this a few years back and it came back gangbusters. But right now? Just a bunch of stumps.

  12. Pretties! Spring *was* here, but it’s gone back into hiding – just hope the cold doesn’t hang around too long.

  13. Loving the signs of spring. Daffys are everywhere! Sunshine was the added bonus today.

  14. Your spring is barely opening up, so at least there is a lot to look forward to… here, I get to vary from the Sacramento Valley, where spring is full-blown, to the higher elevations, where it hasn’t even started. Fun, but sometimes a bit confusing!

  15. It was flurrying here yesterday! No flowers here at all, but there are pussy willows and a few daff. buds.

  16. I came home from work to find my forsythia the victim of a chain saw, right to the ground. I will be making up a sign that says “My husband did it.” He said it needed cutting back and his day off combined with good weather made it happen (just as it was blooming). I was really mad. Don’t get mad that often, but this was the real deal. I think I need some therapeutic blogging 😉

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