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Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Things on Your To-Do List.  I love lists.  I love to-do lists.  I love crossing things off my to-do list.  This is going to be easy!

1. Knit squares for a new Warming Grace project.  Cynthia is trying to pull this afghan together really quickly so I’m hoping some of you might be willing to add this item to your to-do list as well.  You can read the specifics here.

2. Read the book No Ordinary Time.  I’ve wanted to learn more about FDR for some time now and this book, while epic, should fill the bill.

3. Knit Bristow for Lois.  In exchange for my knitting Lois is finishing my pinwheel quilt.  Hooray for swapping skills.

4. Plant some pansies.

5. Contact upholsterer about reupholstering my mother’s old wing chair for the dining room.

6. Make lasagna tonight to have for dinner tomorrow night.

7. Arrange for limo for Hannah’s prom.  I cannot believe I have a kid old enough to be going to the prom.  Yikes.

8. Plan Easter dinner.  I could probably do that right now.  Baked ham, Parmesan mashed potatoes, asparagus, glazed carrots, cheesecake for dessert.  Hey, I’m done with this one now.

9. RSVP to Kiwanis about attending the Key Club dinner.  I really need to take care of this one today.

10. Remind Dale to order next year’s firewood.

What’s on your to-do list?

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  1. I have to start cleaning and de-cluttering the house, since BOTH my mother and mother-in-law will be visiting this weekend for Eldest’s confirmation.

  2. I really have to clean the house. It would be numbers 1-10 on my to do list. I won’t get to it today though since I have promised to take my mother grocery shopping and I have my son home today. Maybe tomorrow…

  3. I actually knocked off the major things on my to-do list yesterday and the day before – things like do taxes and make dentist appointment. Wild times.

  4. You can plant pansies already? Not fair! Our snow is melting but we still have about 6-10 inches on the ground and more in our front yard (where my main flower beds are) because the sun isn’t as strong there. Please post your pansies pictures when you’ve planted so I can feel like spring is here!

  5. I wrote my list of 10, but I really have so much more that could go on that list! Thanks for the link to the Warming Grace project; I’ve added that to my list.

  6. Ack! Prom time!! ARK isn’t going this year. In typical boy fashion he said, “Oh, is the prom coming up? I didn’t know that.”
    How’s your college search going? Next week we’ve got spring break and we are off to Boston & Providence to look at a few schools.

    I love pansies – so many fond childhood memories. My Aunts used to tell a story with pansies. I’ve passed the story on to my kids. Hopefully they will pass it on in their turn.

  7. About 17 WIPs (one vastly overdue), help kids with taxes, doctor’s app’t in Boston, shop for supper, visit aged mother who is temporarily in hospital, clean for weekend guests. Ugh. You, on the other hand, have prom to prepare for! Is the perfect dress already chosen? Our criterion for the dress was – date must fall to the floor in delighted shock upon first viewing.

  8. make homemade pizza tonight
    make baby items for baby shower this friday
    visit mom
    do much needed paperwork for work

  9. Unfortunately, my list is too long to share. Your Easter menu looks very yummy! And I had no idea firewood had to be ordered this early.

  10. You might want to read Shlaes’ The Forgotten Man, also.

    Love your list. My day is mostly paperwork, bills, lots of phone calls (not the fun kind), a walk to the market/post office, but with luck they’ll have more of the yellow petite violas for me to plant out front. Fingers crossed that the dratted squirrels don’t dig them all up this year… Oh, and I’m reading Regency Christmas short stories today. Might spin some more wool this afternoon.

  11. I function so much better in my life when I have lists. Speaking of which, I need to get my work list updated. Your list seems very manageable and I’m sure you’ll have everything crossed off in no time at all.

  12. Great list. If I included books I want to read on mine it would be way longer than 10 items. To do lists can be really satisfying as long as you’re making progress.

  13. Woo, thanks for posting about the squares! I knit two yesterday (well, four, but two got ripped because they weren’t actually SQUARE). Going to search the stash for another suitable yarn.

  14. I’m torn on to-do lists. Sometimes they help, but sometimes I find it better to remain in denial 😉 This week’s list though is better than last weeks. It actually includes real knitting rather than all computer work, yay!

  15. Hey thanks for putting the squares for Luke at the top of your list! You do rock something serious Carole. As for your list, I love it – wish we had a fireplace and it would be nice if it were warm enough for pansies. And I agree, kids grow way too quickly!

    As for my lists, yes lists, I think I have a disorder that should qualify for the DSM V (aka some form of psychiatric illness); I am an infamous list maker – all over the house, on scraps of paper.

  16. I need to do spring clean-up everywhere, inside and out. Pruning, raking, turning over soil outside. Tidying, washing, removing soil inside.

  17. Great list…

    Hannah is old enough to go to the prom??? It seems she’s grown up – I don’t remember her being that old in the time I’ve read your blog…

  18. You are having a hard time believing that your daughter is old enough for prom…I am facing the youngest graduating from college in 7 weeks and the oldest having just moved 800 miles from home. However that also gives me my to do list, which includes cleaning out his room and turning it into a guest room…painting, new rug, new mattress and box spring for the second bed in there, and all the other stuff that goes with it. Cleaning the rest of the house is also on the to do list…don’t you just hate it when people can write in the dust?! That’s the point we have gotten to, with moving oldest to Michigan and all the time that took.

  19. Lists?? I make them every day or two at work, and then just about nothing gets done on them because so many other things come up that need me now. Guess it’s good to be needed, but lists make me nuts. So for work there are at least 10 things, that all have multiple steps, and many require others’ input, and they should all have been done 10 days ago. At home? Mostly it’s just try to relax, cope, enjoy. And not freak out, which is always just a hair’s breadth away. Knitting? Um, only 10??

  20. my list:

    1) get car stereo installed
    2) write a bunch of articles for knitluck
    3) pay bills
    4) finish knitting cambridge jacket sleeves
    5) go to the movies with my honey
    6) get car washed.
    7) Figure out going vegetarian
    8) think about purchasing CO2 credits
    9) go for a walk.
    10) have a garage sale.

  21. A thought about your mom’s wingback chair… Just another option you could consider… I bought one at a sale several years ago that had a professionally made slipcover. It fit like a glove and it was AWESOME. I’m not even all that handy with a sewing machine and I was able to use the slipcover as a pattern to make another from some fabric that I had (and loved) (and wanted to use).

  22. Lists are a wonderful idea; when I make them, I accomplish more. However, the procrastinator that lives deep in my soul persuades me to avoid making them too often. Hence the laundry pile and near empty frig! Kudos to yours! Love that you’ve swapped talents. Very clever.

  23. Planning what I’m going to do next week while I’m on spring break all by my lonesome…DH and #2 son are back in school. Hmmm, what to do, what to do…I don’t know….knit????????? Darn. *L*

  24. Great list! Love your knitting and what you have on your list pertaining to to knitting. Have you guessed yet? I’m a knitter too. 🙂

    Mine’s up.

  25. So…are you going to start a very large, very complicated lace shawl at the last minute for Hannah’s prom? You know she needs a special one, just for prom… ;o)

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