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Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is 10 Least Liked Foods.  Well, I like most food.  Obviously.  But I think even I, lover of food, can come up with ten things I don’t like to eat.

1. Liver.  Unless it’s chopped chicken livers because that I like.  Oh boy, this isn’t off to a very good start.

2. Lima beans.  Yuck.

3. Cantelope.  I’ve tried but nope.

4. Roast beef.  I blame this one completely on my parents since they served it while it was practically still mooing.

5. Head cheese.  My grandmother made her own.  It was disgusting.

6. Spam.  It’s just so wrong.

7. Raw onions.  I sort of like them on a sandwich but I hate that I taste them for hours afterwards.

8. Cooked carrots.  Raw is good but cooked – blech.

9. Canned corn.  On the cob only for me.

10. Milk.  Is milk a food?  Either way, I haven’t had a glass of milk since I was 4.  Just thinking about it makes me gag.

There you go.  A list of things I like to eat would have been a lot more fun to write.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Funny – several more things we have in common. Except the raw onion. That’s why I’ve always got plenty of personal space…

  2. I am with you on the Raw Onions and Head Cheese, but all dairy products are divine, even milk and stinky cheese. Chocolate cheese thought is gross. Hubby calls me a canibal because I like my beef still mooing. Although that isn’t how to make a good roast beef.

  3. Ewww….head cheese is narsty! I used to work in a deli when I was in highschool and still remember the sound of bone in head cheese as it was being sliced on the slicer. I.C.K

  4. I with you on the lima beans and liver but I LOVE milk!! We go through a gallon or more a day at our house. I don’t buy soda or too many juices so the kids have grown to love milk too. 🙂

    Good ten!

  5. I used to love milk, but had to stop drinking it while I was nursing Eldest (long story, but it was really necessary) and never started up again.

    I’m completely with you on #1. GROSS.

  6. Gotta agree with you on some those. Especially liver. A deep shudder runs through me, just thinking about it.

  7. Yes indeedy, SPAM is just wrong in so many ways. (she shudders) I was not a fan of cooked carrots until I had them roasted. Yum! The sweetness with a bit of salt and pepper, very good.

  8. Cantelope? I understand all the other ones, but cantelope? Ripe it’s like candy. Very interesting.

  9. Wow – that’s an interesting, and diverse, list. Do you eat any beef?? I wouldn’t eat SPAM if it was all that was left (and this IS SPAM country!)

  10. Funny what people like and dislike. I love cantelope, roast beef, onions and milk. The rest I’m with you on!

  11. The funny thing about canned corn for me, is that although I don’t like it most of the time, I like it if I just eat it at room temperature right out of the can. But if you do anything else with it, especially heat it up, then yuck.

    Larry totally detests raw onions (and usually even cooked onions) in anything. He said all you taste is the onion, so why not just eat the onion. He does, however, occasionally eat onion rings or onion soup, because then you’re SUPPOSED to taste the onion. The less raw onion I eat, the more I agree with him, because I’ve become more sensitive to the taste by not having it very often.

  12. Isn’t it funny how people can feel so differently about the same thing? I too love milk but know lots of people who hate it. Also, I grew up with Scrapple but can’t stand Spam.

  13. Liver, lima beans, and Spam – yuck, yuck, yuck. I don’t even know what head cheese is but I’d rather not find out. I’m thinking that my feelings on this topic will be stronger once Passover starts so I’m going to save it.

  14. This was not the right blog to read while eating breakfast. Yikes.

    As for cooked carrots, I bet I could change your mind.

    Do you dislike milk dishes like custard, whipped cream, and cheesecake?

  15. I am suddenly very worried about our Cheryl. o.O

    Yes, if it’s still alive, we’re not eating it. I’m right there with you, honey. Milk is a battle, but I really don’t want to get any shorter, ya know?

  16. You couldn’t get me to eat liver. No way, no how. No organ meat at all thank you. Now I like the roast beef, medium rare not raw and I drink a lot of milk. I won’t eat cheesecake or cheese (except on pizza and the occasional slice of white american). It’s funny how we all have our food quirks.

  17. raw onions give me a headache! when I was pregnant but didn’t know it yet (and I knew really early), I was drawn to the liver in the supermarket, HAD to have it. Probably the last time I have, some 14 years ago… I’ve just discovered this Georgian salsa like thing that is peppery and spicy and is served with cantelope! Makes me like the cantelope better…

  18. Definitely with you on #5,6 and 9. Roastbeef I love, but definitely not murdered nor crawling away off my plate- so wrong on so many levels!

  19. Ok, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Spam and peanut butter sandwich with onions. And a glass of milk. DE-licious. Seriously. ;P

  20. Liver and Lima beans are showing up all over the lists today; I guess they aren’t very popular.

    It would have been easier for me to think of 10 foods I love as well, I would have had a problem stopping at 10 🙂

  21. Hmm… with you on liver and corn, never had head cheese, not crazy about lima beans but will eat them, and the rest I either like or it depends on context. Spam, for instance, we eat only while on vacation in Rangeley, and I’m OK with a slice or two once a year.

  22. Great list! Your first two are on my list. Liver seems to be a common food on this list.

    Mine’s up…come on over!

  23. I can agree on several of these, but suspect you haven’t had really fresh and sweet cantelope … or maybe it is just that I love it so much in summer myself that I am biased.

  24. Yep. There isn’t anything on your list I’d want to eat (steamed carrots w/Parmesan is tasty, however). Then there’s okra. Slimely little devil.

  25. I completely agree with #1, #5 and #10 – even using half and half in my coffee grosses me out, it makes it smell like I’m drinking a cup of hot milk products *gagme*

  26. I’m a little late to the comment party, but I have to say that I 90% agree with your list, which I think is remarkable. Only disagree on #4, and only *sort of* disagree on that one. Really really agree about milk – can’t even watch people drink it. Glad to have some company in my dislikes!

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