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Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is 10 Signs that You’re Getting Older.  Hmmm.  This could be depressing.  But it’s what I’ve got so let’s have at it.

1.  Thinning hair.  I think this might be an illusion because my hairdresser says my hair isn’t any different than it’s ever been.  But it feels different to me.

2. Aches and pains.  Getting out of bed in the morning just takes a little longer now.

3.  Speaking my mind.  This is a definite benefit of getting older.  I know what I think and I’m not afraid to say it out loud.

4.  Making more money.  Even in a recession, I’m making more as I get older.  This is not a bad thing at all.

5.  Knowing what I like.  This is a lot like speaking my mind.

6.  Gravity and it’s effects.  You know what I mean.

7.  Crow’s feet.  Frown lines.  Call ’em laugh lines if you want but we all know that they are just wrinkles.

8.  Increasing cholesterol.  I’ve been recently put on notice about this.  Bring on the dietary changes and exercise or bring on the drugs.  Ick!

9.  Learning a new skill takes longer.  See my recent venture into crochet.  I’ve completely forgotten everything Maryse taught me.

10.  Drinking good booze.  High end vodka, top shelf tequila, single malt scotch.  There is an upside to getting older!

I guess it’s not all bad after all.

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  1. I am all for number 3!!!! Number 6 is so me. In my twenties I was so hot, but then twins came along and ruined it. Ahh I just blame that on DH. I ignore number 8. Life is too short to not good food. Number 4 is so true. I make double what I started at 16 years ago, which is more then DH’s has increased. I just don’t work nearly as much.

  2. I second Margene. For me one of the things is my eyesight- my near vision is starting to go. I find myself using my reader glasses more and more now when knitting socks, lace and on the computer.

  3. Its funny because I think most of us premium aged women can totally relate to your list, it almost looks like my list, the aches and pain from arthritis is totally under control (MSM Gold – its a natural product my Natural Wellness Center and won’t rip up your stomach). I find that I appreciate all the little things in life and enjoy everything so much more. Your blog is just one of those beautiful things in life – like a glass of fine wine – to be enjoyed.

  4. Number 1 scares me. I never thought about it until my MIL mentioned her hair getting thin in front. All of the sudden I thought my hair was thinner in front. Just about the time that I had myself convinced that I’m imagining it, my mom tells me that female baldness runs in her side of the family. Ack!

  5. I’ve noticed my hair getting thinner over the last few months, too. I’m only 47, so I’m hoping I still have some hair left by the time I’m my mother’s age. I’ve been taking allot of B Complex vitamins—my doctor’s office said that may help. They also want to test my thyroid, but I think that’s just a shot in the dark. My dad likes to quote Bette Davis: “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

  6. Must get back into walking regularly to fight gravity’s effects. Gah. I’ve been noticing the lines and silver in the hair getting more pronounced, too.

  7. I’m with Margene! And quite honestly, I’ve found life after 50 to be the just about the best 1 1/2 years I’ve ever had. Attitude clearly has a lot to do with it; but 1,4,5, and 10 sure help!

  8. Oh God, I totally relate!! Esp. about the saying what I think part (I used to be so quiet and reserved) and the gravity part. I feel it big time when I am trying to run down the hill with my dog. But, I sure appreciate the finer things, like good food and wine. And your blog.

  9. I’m with you on all but 4 and 10. This recession is killing us…my husband and I have an insurance agency, and people are dropping the things they don’t absolutely need (some people think that includes health insurance), so we are seeing less revenue, thus less pay. That has brought on stress and with it some anxiety and depression (I listen to a lot of very sad stories these days, as people are making those hard decisions) so the doctor has prescribed a medication with which I am not allowed any alcohol…a darned shame, even though I only drank some wine very occassionally. But a good glass of wine with a special dinner is something I miss. Getting older actually sucks…although it beats the alternative!

  10. I was petrified of turning 50, but it turns out to have definite benefits — like knowing what I am and not caring who else knows either. These are close cousins of #s 3 and 5 on your list.

    As for assorted medical issues, I can’t complain: they come with the territory, and if they slow down my explorations a bit, well, I’ll have time to smell the flowers.

  11. Right there with ya on most of it… I wish #4 was true for me, though. I’d take extra crow’s feet and cellulite if I could just survive this recession!

  12. I wouldn’t be younger for anything…I conquered those problems and don’t want to relive them. The world will just have to accept me as “mature”. VBG!

  13. I lowered my cholesterol 50 points in a year doing nothing other than switching to Smart Balance products. The hubby’s cardiologist had “prescribed” them, as did my internist. Oil, “butter”, even peanut butter. During that year I made no other diet changes and did not do anything resembling “exercise”. My ratios are great, so no drugs, yet. As for the booze, I gave up the hard stuff years ago in favor of wine. After reading the new research on women and alcohol, I even feel guilty about the wine. Not enough to give it up, though! (Three drinks per week…..who are they kidding?!)

  14. I know a lot about #8 if you have any questions. Blood test results, dietary changes, supplements, etc. The drugs can wreak havoc with your liver, and usually just a few easy shifts in the diet can make a bigger difference than the drugs can effect.

    I’m totally with you about gravity. Yikes.

  15. About the hair thinning, my stylist says that all of us lose about 80-100 hairs/day so unless it seem like much more than that, don’t spend time fretting about it.

    About the wrinkles, etc. My dear dermatologist is Chinese and she insists that those and the “age spots’ I was concerned about are to be referred to as “wisdom spots”. How about that? A dermatologist with marketing skills?!? LOL

  16. I’ve had hereditary high cholesterol diagnosed since I was 18 (over 20 yrs ago). You CAN control it with diet and exercise AND still eat well (and have desserts, sauces, etc). I could give you more info if you want. I’m still not on the drugs yet!

  17. Haha, I’ve enjoyed your list (don’t EVEN get me started on #6!) As for the cholesterol, try the fish oil capsules first (two 1000 mg caps per day) before you consider drugs. By all means, make drugs your LAST option. Best of luck to you!

  18. I am so there on your aches and pains. It seems like every morning when I get out of bed there is a new one.

    Mine’s up..come on over! 🙂

  19. I like the inclusion of the psychological positives, 3 and 5. Good to keep in mind! Your lists are great! Unsolicited advice re. #8 – don’t trust the medical community who say to cut fat and take lots of drugs. The fat-cholesterol-heart disease link is gospel but it’s just not true. There is good evidence that adding more fats (especially good fats) and cutting sugar/refined carbs is way more effective. You don’t miss sugar so much when you add in satisfying fats – like the French eat, mmm. Glad to provide refs if you like!

  20. Ugh. Now I’m depressed – aside from the having more money so you can buy the things you like (i.e. good alcohol & yarn!). I have something that I would recommend for cholesterol – let me know if you’re interested in knowing more… 🙂

  21. Those could pretty much be my 10! Except for #8, but that is probably mostly because of good genes, but I like to think it’s because I like olive oil.

  22. I was thinking while reading your list, and realized that to me, the biggest sign that I am getting older is that everyone else seems to be getting younger!

  23. I’m a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. Great list! On the whole, I’d much rather be my age than any earlier age. I’ll take the lumps, bumps and weird hairs over some of the other stuff!

  24. Maybe if I start drinking the top shelf stuff I could drink more of it…though the bartender I spoke of in my post uses some fancy-arse vodka to make my cosmos… ;o)

  25. Great list. I had kids later than their friends’ parents. Sometimes that helps me feel younger, but usually – I feel pretty darn old! Hey, doesn’t “wise” go with “old?”

  26. I like being “senior”, but can’t say exactly why. Mostly I like being retired. Even with less money it is so nice to shut off the alarm when I want to. 😉
    No aged rum for me, thanks to meds. Oh, well, I can use the flavor in baking…

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