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A Mini Getaway

As I mentioned on Friday, Dale and I had a little mini getaway to Cape Cod last week. It was school vacation, which meant Dale had the week off. It also meant that Hannah was away on a school trip, which meant we could go away without worrying about what she’d be doing. Ahem.

So I booked us a fancy room at The Daniel Webster Inn. I’ve eaten there many times over the years but I’ve never stayed there. It was beautiful!


Big, romantic bed, strewn with flower petals.


Jacuzzi built for two.


Huge shower with heated tiles.


And a cute little balcony.

There was even a gas fire place. We had complimentary champagne and chocolates as part of their Spring getaway package and we indulged ourselves in room service for both dinner and breakfast. It was heavenly!

Like all vacations, it was over far too soon.  It was sweet while it lasted, though.

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  1. It touches my heart, that you have a true companion to share the joys of life with. It’s nice to take the time to pamper yourself and this place looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. That looks fantastic! My theory is that ’tis always better to leave before you are ready to go, rather than stay till you’re wishing you were home. Makes the memories sweeter!

  3. Sweet! Hmm, maybe we should bag the college reunion we were thinking about and just get lost for Memorial Day weekend?

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