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New Dining Room

As you may recall (because I freaked out about it a fair amount) I finally sold my father’s mobile home last January.  Dale and I decided to take some of my rather small inheritance (most of it went to Hannah) and invest it into our home by redoing our dining room.  At first we were just going to paint.  Then we decided new furniture might be nice.  By the time we finished the room was completely different.  Here, let me show you.


This is the dining room when we started.  My grandmother’s dining room set, busy wallpaper, ugly carpeting.  Please note that it wasn’t usually messy – we have started work and that’s why there’s stuff all over the table.


It took two days to strip all that gawdawful wallpaper.


And then the carpenter came.  He installed birch paneling on the walls and picture frame molding on top.  He also put new molding over all the existing woodwork.   It really dresses up the room and goes well with the age of our house.


We spent the weekend after the carpenter finished painting all the woodwork white.  We painted the upper walls a beautiful sage green.

The following week the carpenter came back and installed vinyl plank flooring.  We bought a patterned area rug and Dale installed a new light.  Then we waited for the furniture to arrive to complete the room.  I suppose you’d like to see that, too, right?


From the mudroom looking into the dining room.  The Canadian Production Wheel is a nice touch in here, I think.


And from the living room looking into the dining room.  My Wheaton College rocker looks really nice in here now.


I love this hutch so much!  I’m not sure yet about the stuff in the cabinets but I’m thinking on it.


And, finally, you can see how nicely this room coordinates with the newly finished bathroom.  You can also see more of the picture frame moldings in this photo.

The final verdict – we love it!  This is our main entrance into our home and it’s really wonderful now.  Now bring on the dinner parties!

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  1. Elegant *and* comfortable. Excellent! A very nice ending to a difficult time. Do promise me, though, to move your wheel before you turn on the heat, okay?

  2. Oh my goodness – it looks AMAZING, Carole. I love the shade of green you picked for the walls, and the molding is really lovely.

    And you are totally right – it does coordinate nicely with your bathroom.

    What a striking difference!

  3. Just gorgeous! I’m waiting for a big project to be done here, too. Not sure when it will actually come to fruition, though.

  4. Great job, guys! It looks very New England to this Midwesterner (that’s a good thing, btw). I am particularly fond of your shower curtain — it makes me think of mitered squares 🙂

  5. Oh, Carol, it is beautiful! I love the hutch and the new rug… The paint seems to make the room so soothing…Very pretty…I hope you enjoy it for a long long time to come.

  6. Carole that is a magnificent piece of work. I know there’s a LOT more that excites you… but WHERE did you find that cool shower curtain?

  7. It looks fabulous! And I totally envy your hutch. We are saving our pennies for a dining room upgrade, which also involves scraping wallpaper and getting some new furniture. Someday!

  8. I love it – it looks so peaceful and welcoming. And it fits the personality I imagine you have since I only know you through your blog. A lot of hard work but so worth it!

  9. I love the new furniture. Your dining room underwent quite the transformation! I’m impressed at the change. It really looks wonderful. So, what time is dinner? lol

  10. 80 comments already! Better late than never….it’s gorgeous Carole! Enjoy it in good health and happiness for many years to come!

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