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Wordless Wednesday

I’m not good at wordless.  How about One Word Wednesday instead?









OK, so that was 4 words.  Whatever.

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  1. Your blog, your rules. Was the pie good? The roses are beautiful; the homework looks hard. And yes, more on the yarn pleas!!

  2. I like the apple photo with your inference to “pie”, so my mind coninued with this same line rose “air freshner”, home work “brainfood? and finally and yarn “sweater” these colors would create such a lovely sweater.

  3. Beautiful. Has your photography gotten even better or is it just that my eyes are focused this morning? The light on the apples and the foreground/background with the rose, your framing on homework that shows the detail of the quilt and the sense that there is more to do because of the other notebooks — these are great photos!

  4. Your daughter holds her pen the same way my younger son does! I’ve tried for years to get him to hold it with the pad of the thumb, but he’s so used to holding it by the knuckle (he’s in seventh grade) that I think it may be too late for him to change. My big concern is that he won’t be able to write very fast to take notes in high school and college. Is your daughter able to write fast enough?

  5. My stomach just rumbled thinking of apple pie! Mmmmmm. What’s the yarn going to be when it grows up??

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