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Ten on Tuesday

The theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Favorite Places to Shop.  Well.  I don’t do a whole lot of shopping in stores but I do a LOT of online shopping.  It’s my preferred way of buying just about anything.  I love it because 1) I don’t have to leave my house 2) I don’t have to deal with people and 3) I don’t have to leave my house.  Oh wait, I already said that, didn’t I?  Okay, so here’ s my list.  You might notice that many of these online shops sell yarn.  Don’t blame me if you slip and fall on your credit card while perusing this list.

1. kpixie.  The grrls who own this are my friends.  They take really good care of me and they’ll take good care of you, too.

2. L.L. Bean.  Free shipping, free monogramming, good quality.  You can’t beat that.

3., of course.  Books, DVDs, camera stuff, kitchen supplies – they’ve got it all and their prices are quite often terrific.

4. Simply Socks Yarn Co.  Because you know how much I love the sock yarn.

5. The Loopy Ewe.  Just in case you need more sock yarn.

6. Knitterly Things.  Because it really is all about the sock yarn.

7.  If you’ve never been there – don’t.

8. Webs.  They’ve got it all and despite the fact that the shop is only 90 minutes from my house I’ve never been there.  Shocking, isn’t it?

9. Adorama Camera.  I think it’s the best camera shop on the web.  If there’s a better one please don’t tell me.

10. Cake Art.  I only found this one yesterday via Bakerella.  It looks amazing and I’ve been jonesing to make some cake pops so I may just be placing an order very soon.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. My list would be: 1 – 9. Target 10. All places that sell yarn. But if I could get by without all the stuff at Target, I’d use yours!

  2. Oh you HAVE to get to Webs. It’s a great day trip – the Yankee Candle Factory store is only 30 mins away from there, and Northampton is a great little town.

  3. I was going to comment on how I agree with your list but then I read that you’ve never been to Webs. You have really never been to Webs?? You. must. go. The web site is fun and you can find everything you want to buy but when you walk into that store you are bowled over and the warehouse, there are no words. As Donna said, go to the Yankee Candle Factory and make a day of it. There is so much in that area. You will love it.

  4. I’d agree with the earlier commenters to head to Webs, but mostly as an excuse to hang out in Northampton, which may be my favorite town in America.

    And I’d substitute Powells’ website for Amazon because they’re nearly as comprehensive on the book front and are super nice — both in person and online.

  5. I’ve never been to WEBS, either. Big places are overwhelming to me, plus I’m afraid I’d buy too much. The under-the-bed yarn cache might ‘splode at any moment already.

  6. Good list. I think it’s a nice combination and luckily there was nothing new that I have to go check out and buy from!

  7. Love your list. I’ve been to almost all of them. Try Endless for shoes, too.
    And I hate to leave my house, takes too long to get ready, don’t have anything to wear, esp shoes, hate the traffic, can’t knit when I’m driving. Actually the only good thing about it is eating out!

  8. Now that you mention it, we should reschedule that Webs Virgin Day. Oh wait, I forgot I’m on a yarn diet.

  9. I may have to check out a couple of those stores…I like not leaving the house for shopping too…

    Now if we only had a grocery store that delivered!

  10. is also a good one. They even ship free shipping orders quickly (that other place usually holds mine for a day or two…).

    Thanks for the list.

  11. Laughed when I read it, because it’s me – I ADORE online everything because I can be in my jammies shopping at 2 in the morning, and not have to frighten anyone with my appearance…

    and you should check Webs… just my 2 cents…

  12. You have to go to Webs. It is a great after MA Sheep and Wool visit. You say goodbye to all your friends at the fair and then turn around and bump into them at Webs on the way home.

  13. Etsy — hoo, boy, that place is dangerous. I wish I’d never heard of it, but then I’d be missing out on the world’s best stitch markers, a cute little purse/digital audio recorder holder, knitting bags, indie yarn, roving… And cake “pops”? Who knew?

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