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Ten on Tuesday

I feel sort of left out regarding this week’s Ten on Tuesday theme.  It’s 10 Favorite Cites and honestly, I don’t have 10 favorite cities because I haven’t been to 10 cites.  Pathetic, I know.  Not one to be dissuaded, and because this Ten on Tuesday thing has become a habit, I will talk about the 2 cities I’ve actually visited and loved, and then I will list 8 more that I would like to visit.  You good with that?  Good.

1. Boston.  I love that dirty water.

2. Washington, D.C.  I’ve been twice and feel like I could go again and again and again.

3. Chicago.  I really want to be in the Oprah show audience.

4. Las Vegas.  I don’t even know why I want to go there and yet – I do.

5. London.  I’ve been watching The Tudors and now I have this burning desire to visit The Tower of London.

6. Paris.  Why not, right?

7. Rome.  Okay, Italy, really.  I would like to just eat my way through that country.

8. Stockholm.  The home of my people.

9. San Diego.  I love a good zoo.

10.   New York.  I put this one last because it’s probably the only one I’ll actually get to visit!

So how about you?  What’s your favorite city?

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  1. Hmmm. This is a tough one – I don’t know if I’ve been enough places to state ten definitive “favorites” – but I would put Milwaukee on my list!

  2. Been to 6 – Thanks to Frequent flier miles CM and a school field trip. I want to go to the Oprah show too !!! London would be my next one – guess I would need a passport. I don’t do well where they don’t speak English.

  3. I am so not a city person so my favorites would be Montpelier, VT, Augusta, ME or Concord, NH. They’re cities but smaller. I’d love to see a list of favorite small towns:)

  4. Seattle. I want to go throw fish at the Pikes Market, ride the ferries and look for orcas, visit the knitting shops, see the Needle, oh there is so much I want to do in Seattle.
    Thanks for the list, that was fun.

  5. I’ve been to all your domestic cities – Boston ranks right up there! You’d like Minneapolis – the peeps are nice here!

  6. I root for the hometown too: Boston is my fave, but a close 2nd is Avignon, France. It was lovely. I hated Paris… it was too… much. I love Chicago, Washington DC, Savannah (you should go…it’s gorgeous), San Fran, Vancouver……

    Now i want to travel!!!!

  7. As a New Yorker, I would have to say that’s my favorite because there is so much to do and see. You should take a trip – even for an overnight. The train ride there is relaxing and makes for some great knitting time. And did I mention the yarn stores-a-plenty in the Big Apple?

  8. We always have a good time in St. Louis. There are great museums, a lovely zoo, good food, the “Great Wicket” (St. Louis Arch), fine Victorian architecture, and the Loopy Ewe. What’s not to love?

  9. Hey Parrothead grrrl,

    what about Key West??? It’s small but really important!

  10. Silly girl. I think your definition of “city” is too narrow. They don’t all have to be huge, world-class cities, right? Burlington is a city. Concord is a city. Etc. 🙂

  11. So many cities to choose from! I love Denver, DC, Baltimore, Konstanz, Rome, Florence, Sorrento and well my list could go on. 🙂

  12. Of the ones on your list that I’ve been to (Chicago, London, Boston), I’d choose London. But I loved visiting all of them!

  13. You know you can see DC any time you like. 😉

    I was surprised to have 10 cities for my list but I haven’t been to many more than that. I hope to add Chicago to my list of cities I’ve seen later this year. And I’d love to see a few in Europe. I have to say that I love Asheville, NC but I’m not sure I could explain why.

  14. But…but…not MInneapolis and St. Paul? Carole!!!! We have GAZILLIONS of yarn stores here! And great restaurants! And scenic vistas!

  15. Never been to NYC? How can this be? Come on down, I’ll be happy to supply advice and even a guided tour.

    This summer I’m hoping to get to Grand Rapids, MI.

  16. I was thinking about this one this morning and found myself in the same boat. Well, a neighboring boat as I’m not an Oprah fan.

    Thank you for making this doable for me, Carole. Now please plan a trip somewhere. I suggest London with a weekend in Paris because it’s beautiful in the spring. Oh, and even I want to visit SLC. I want one of those SL,UT tee-shirts. *L*

  17. Tough one….but Santa Fe/ Albuquerque would be close to the top if not #1. The old New Orleans would be up there, too, but haven’t been back since Katrina and don’t know if we ever will. I loved Paris, and Reykjavik was so interesting. Loved San Diego, hated Las Vegas. I hate New York. I love New York. Boston is better! DC would be near the top, as would be Baltimore….if only we didn’t have to go through New Jersey to get to both!

  18. I grew up in Boston & now live in San Diego, so most of my vacations or staycations these days are in one or the other, and I love both! I went to Philly in HS on a band competition & I would love to go back & check out more of the neighborhoods. SF, Burlington VT, DC, Portland ME, Providence RI, are some of my favorite places I’ve visited. OKC is beautiful, and the people are wonderful, wish I had more than 2 days there. On the list of “not been there yet but want to go”: Chicago, SLC, Phoenix, Austin, New Orleans, Seattle. Eventually I’ll get to Ireland, Scotland, & Greece.

  19. So, Missy, Salt Lake City doesn’t count??? Hrumpf.

    My least favorite city is Chicago, and my most favorite is probably Portland or Seattle.

  20. Oh, my favorite is definitely San Francisco. It’s home and it’s beautiful, with the bay on two sides and the ocean on a third. Granted, I liked it more in the 60’s when the neighborhoods were more distinct, but it’s still a wonderful place.

    I have lived in a lot of other cities (too many!) and Austin is definitely 2nd, with SLC 3rd on the list. I’d love to see Edinburgh, Avignon and Florence.

    Vegas is fun. The town itself is a great place to live, but the heat is Really Something.

  21. Now that we’ve lost The Point, NYC is down a great knitting store. That said, we’d love to have you visit. Hannah, too.

    Favorite cities: Paris, Prague, Dijon, Arles, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Seville. But living in any city cries out for going to the countryside for some serious balance.

  22. What Norma said. How about Poughkeepsie? And how about Salt Lake City?

    My favorite… tough choice. Favorite local city: Boston, of course. Favorite US city: probably San Francisco. Favorite foreign city: Carcassonne, walled medieval city on a hill.

  23. If you go to Stockholm, I have two recommendations. One, fly SAS. They are just the best airline for heading to Scandinavia, and Stockholm is their home airport.

    The other recommendation I have is timing. Late May and early June are amazing times to be there, because the weather has just hit it’s high and everything is blooming.

    (I studied abroad in Stockholm, and now want to get back for grad school and make my forever home there.)

  24. I’ve been to 7 out of your 10, gee I’m feeling fairly well traveled. It’s so very hard to pick a favorite, New Orleans has really outstanding food and I really think everyone should experience Mardi Gras at least once. Mobile has a lovely gentility that speaks of the old South and they do azealeas like no one else (their food is pretty damn good too). Copenhagen in Denmark, Toronto (most relaxing and oddly best pearls) and Vancouver (best apple dumpling) in Canada also very big hits with me and some of my first out of the country experiences. I had the BEST pizza ever in Copenhagen, go figure. For the best festivals I like Lafayette LA, the music the dancing the food. Best quilt shop, Kapaiia Hawaii.

    Funny you mention the Tudors, season one first CD arrived in my mailbox from Netflix today.

  25. Honestly, my favorite city is San Francisco. Good since I live so nearby. Walk to the train, and it takes 30 minutes to get there. So, why don’t I ever drag my sorry self there??

    But, your list includes many of my faves as well. Paris is amazing. I’d love to go back. San Diego. Anytime. Las Vegas. well, that one’s all yours. Unless it’s a flight landing there on the way to go to Zion National Park.

    (BTW, Hannah couldn’t have looked more beautiful in her prom pics!)

  26. Seattle didn’t make the cut??? (grins)

    For me its a toss up between San Francisco and Boston. Love ’em both.

  27. Paris is my favorite city, but you haven’t mentioned anywhere in Asia. Tokyo is a crazy city, but clean, safe and full of crafty fun. Hong Kong is even crazier, also safe, and that’s where I live.

  28. Favorite cities would probably be:
    1. Paris
    2. Helsinki
    3 Copenhagen
    4. Sevilla
    5. Toledo
    6. New York
    7. Amsterdam
    8. Chicago
    9. Atlanta
    10. Boston

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