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And I’ve Been Spinning

I’ve kept up my resolve to spin, spin, spin.  It’s really working on spinning down the overwhelming spinning stash.  Here’s what I’ve finished lately:


8 oz of merino/silk from Cloverleaf Farms.  Purchased: Rhinebeck 2008.  Destiny: socks.


4 oz superwash merino from my dear friend Kim of  Woolen Rabbit.  Purchased: SPA 2009.  Destiny: fingerless mitts.


4 oz BFL from Rachel of Have You Any Wool.   Purchased: Beats me.  Destiny: a hat.  Rachel has recently returned to blogging – go say hi and welcome back, okay?
I have such a problem choosing what to spin next because I love everything so I’ve adopted a new technique.  I send Dale into the craft room to choose the fiber for me.  It’s been a lot of fun to be surprised this way.  And it shows him that I do actually spin the stuff that I buy!

How about you  – what are you spinning?  Or knitting?  Hmmm?

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  1. Awesome! Inspiring! I am working my way through two large purple cormo/angora bumps from Dorchester Farms — purchased at NH in 2007. Destined for a two-ply and then something lace.

  2. I’m wading my way through ~2 more ounces of Spinderella’s Thrums to make my very first 3-ply. It’s taking forever, but then again, if I sat at least 1/2 hour a day at the wheel I’d have it done already! Lovely skeins btw!

  3. getting ready to spin some bamboo merino top in milk and honey. and steadily knitting away on anne elliot spencer shrug.

  4. Funny – I was just looking at my schedule for today and noticed I have a pretty open day, and what with the porch finally open, thought I’d bring the neglected wheel up and spin today! However with temps at 97 yesterday and 95 expected for today, maybe I’m better leaving her in the basement and staying where it’s cool!? Regardless – you’ve nudged me toward her today!!

  5. I’m knitting, focusing on WIPs that have languised for too long. I may be doing some frogging this week, too (but am keeping it quiet; if the news gets out the residents of the stash closet may try to stage a coup d’etat).

  6. I’m spinning my April installment of Spunky Club; a pretty corriedale with nylon. I have 8 ounces to spin and hope to make socks – we’ll see if that happens.

  7. Looks great! I really like the “destiny” part. My spinning is still so random that I have to figure out what to make with the yarn after it’s done. 🙂 Hmm, maybe I’ll spin this afternoon.

    I’m glad you let us know about Rachel!

  8. I picked up the shawl I was knitting back up. I ripped out a repeat, fixed whatever I was doing wrong and magically it’s all working again. 🙂

  9. Also trying to whittle away at Stash Mountain, fiber-wise (we don’t talk about Stash Mountain, yarn version). I feel like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with MORE COMING! But, I finished bobbin #3 of a 2 pound box of Black Welsh Mountain last night….only about twelve or fourteen to go, sigh. Working on my Softness and Speed technique, so it goes fast, thankfully. Knitting today as I have only about 3/4 of the last piece of my grandson’s Owl sweater to go. I. will. finish. today.

    Those skeins are great….looks like fun knitting on both counts.

  10. I’m trying to get back to spinning more regularly too, if for no other reason than to justify all the fiber I just bought. I love the merino/silk in those yummy shades of red and the blues in the superwash are speaking to me. They remind me of denim.

  11. I’ve not given in to spinning. I suspect that in my house it would be the “ultimate cat toy”. However, I am impressed with your achievements. It’s beautiful wool!

  12. Merino/sillk socks…oh, yum! That sounds so completely luscious.

    On my wheel is an old Conjoined Creations superfine merino braid that Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philly custom ordered. I’m spinning it as froghair, and I only have so much time so it’s slow go. I should probably invest in a few more bobbins so I can switch the projects up.

  13. I haven’t been spinning or knitting a darn thing! But I’m on vacation next week, so I plan to do a lot of knitting then!

  14. Beautiful (I like the pink best!) …

    And I’m knitting. Kinda sorta…(I’m really recovering from last weekend, which is taking longer than it should!)

  15. Love!

    I love that Dale gets to pick what you spin next.

    I’m spinning some orange mystery wool and still working on the Faux Russian Stole. Yes, my world is very orange this week.

  16. No spinning here, unless you count my brain while at work, but I ‘m making some progress on designing and knitting up a pair of fingerless mittens based on the “Chicabean” hat pattern by Kelly Green Rogue.

  17. I’ve been chipping away at all the sample bits of dyed wool sliver in my stash, a foot of blue sliver and a few feet of red and so on. I’m simply spinning them all fine and with a high twist and then I’ll do a jumble ply and see what the yarn says it wants to become.

    I love the idea of your having Dale stash dive for you, but I don’t dare let DH choose what I should spin next — I don’t want him to open the lids of the bins and start to comprehend the extent of the stash!

  18. I have been spinning and knitting….but spinning a bit more than usual these days.

    Your yarns are lovely and it’s great that they have a destiny!

  19. Love your spin ups.

    Im lazy knitting a first prayer shawl. I like it so much…I might keep it myself. Is this the ultimate in selfishness?

  20. Those are great yarns…very pretty…

    Like the way you are choosing what to spin – think you could send Dale over here and let him pick out my next yarn to knit…I’m having trouble making a decision!!!

  21. It’s so good to see that you’re still spinning. Not that there was any doubt, but… 🙂
    And Cookie is still spinning? I NEVER thought I’d see that.

  22. OOOOOH, those yarns are so beautiful. I actually go to touch my first homespun at a knitting group a couple of weeks ago, it was the prettiest yarn I had ever seen and felt very very soft. I will try my best not to be too envious.

  23. Beautiful stuff! I have been a little fiber-monogamous lately, which means I only knit on one thing, and haven’t been spinning at all. Now I want to stop knitting my sweater and start spinning some of your stuff!

  24. I have been swatching, socking, and spinning. The last spinning bit was a small experiment. Now, I just get overwhelmed by the wool fumes as I try to make my next selection from the fluff stash, but look forward to spinning more.

  25. I took a skein of yarn destined to become socks half way around the world and didn’t even start the darn socks! But I did buy more yarn on our trip, in Chile, not sure what I’ll do with it but it is soft!!

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