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New Hampshire Sheep & Wool 2009

This past weekend Dale and I headed north to go to New Hampshire Sheep & Wool.  It was our fifth year in a row of attending this festival and we weren’t disappointed.

We checked into our hotel on Friday evening.  We had a great room with a balcony.  They wouldn’t give us chairs so that we could actually sit out there but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful sunset.


On Saturday morning we headed for the festival.  It wasn’t crowded at all, in fact, it felt like there were fewer people than usual in attendance.  There were definitely some favorite vendors missing, too.


That didn’t stop us from having a great time, though.  We shopped with our friends for the morning and gathered for a bit of a pot luck lunch at noon.


Claudia and Laurie agree that lunch is serious business.

We spent the rest of the day gabbing and walking and visiting the booths.  The animals never fail to entertain us.


Like these two little goats who kept climbing up on the hay.


And this beautiful alpaca who started posing for Kim, Jean and I the minute we pulled out the cameras.


Cheryl’s afternoon snack included a pickle – of course!


Do you want to know why Manise is smiling?


Check out this fleece she bought!

The day at the festival was over too quickly but the evening was just as much fun.  We had dinner with Jean and her husband Dan as well as Kim and her husband Ken.  We laughed a lot and really enjoyed each others company.

Sunday we took our time driving home through rural New Hampshire.  We celebrated Mother’s Day with pizza from my favorite pizza place in the evening.  It was a great way to end a really terrific weekend!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time. I was there on Sunday and there were many fewer people than past years.

  2. We just got back from our local fiber festival in MN. All of the fiber, animals and people were sure wonderful.

  3. Wow, you can really see the extra roundness in my face in that pic! I’m afraid I am going to be unrecognizable by September.

  4. Sounds like it was fun!

    I’ve definitely seen fewer people talking about having been to fiber festivals this spring.

  5. It was great seeing you! I agree there were less crowds than last year and I saw a few vacant vendor spots (I don’t think I have ever seen that before).

    Did you buy? I found lots of bargains this year. And yeah, a few fleeces found their way into my van. Wonder how that happened????

  6. So much fun Carole! I can’t believe I didn’t take one dang picture. We made a last minute decision to stop at Sturbridge. It was a good one. The boys really enjoyed it as well.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! Did you get anything fun? Or maybe that is content for another post…

  8. It was SO nice to spend time with you and Dale this weekend! Ken and I really enjoyed ourselves. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you had a good weekend, and thank you for hugging Manise for me. I can’t believe she bought a fleece. 😀

    Why wouldn’t they give you chairs? How odd.

  10. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed myself; it definitely won’t be my last time!

    Lucky Manise!

  11. It was a wonderful time! Wished it could have lasted longer or stopped the clock for a while. The fleece will go out tomorrow to be processed. So good to see you and Dale!

  12. what a great day! Is this a great country, or what? Love the camera- hog alpaca…so sweet.

  13. So delighted you got to go! It is too bad it’s so far from me, because NH has always sounded like my kinda event.

  14. Oh, Manise let me touch that fleece! It was sooooo beautiful!
    Would have liked to meet you, but I somehow missed most of the blog world… (Too much of a novice to know about the lunchtime meet-up. Next year, I’ll know where to look for everyone!)
    I think I scritched most of the sheep and alpacas at the festival. What a great day!

  15. despite the lower attendance, it sure looks like it was wonderful ;-D
    Glad you had such an awesome time. And one of these years I’ll make it back to an east coast festival to meet you in person!

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