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Ten on Tuesday

Here it is, Tuesday again.  The theme for this week is 10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island.

1. Dale

2. Sock yarn and my Addi Turbo needles in size 1.  Please note the significance that I put Dale before yarn.  This may or may not have something to do with his excellent ability to build a fire.

3. Lace weight yarn and all my other Addi Turbos.  It can’t be all socks, all the time.  Or can it?

4. Spinning wheels.  The Reeves and the Schacht, please.  Along with the wheels will be plenty of fiber.

5. Books.  Enough so I’ll never run out.

6. Vodka and olives.

7. Sunscreen.

8. Mascara.  I just can’t be without mascara.

9. Bug spray.

10. All of you!

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  1. Good thinking on the sunscreen! I’d bring wine. We sometimes play the game in our family “what would be your last dinner before being stuck on a desert island” – the kids love it.

  2. I’m with you on the mascara… my Nana used to tell me “put on a little lipstick and comb up your hair… then it has to be a good day”. Me, I put on a little foundation and feel human!

  3. OK – So i’ll bring you – cuz you’d have all your stuff which I assume you’d share, Jon, cuz he could build us stuff, Kathryn, more vodka – I think we’re set!

  4. hah! good list. And I bet that Dale is glad that he made number 1 😉
    and could he bring his band along, so there’s a bit a music ? (another big grin)

  5. Good list! I especially like #6. I totally forgot #9 on my list, but my island would be so deserted that there wouldn’t even be any bugs 🙂

  6. Well, my can’t live withouts are: books, hot water, color TV and Bufferin. Not sure some of those would transport well. Wait – can I change “books” to fully-stocked-library? Oh gosh, I forgot about my family members…..

  7. I’m thinking the cast of LOST could be helpful with the killing boars and finding fresh water piece. A lounge chair would be good too, for all the knitting, reading, and drinking.

  8. My portable water filter, a flint for striking sparks, knives & sharpener, hatchet, a big stainless steel bucket, a packet of fish hooks, a hand-cranked short-wave radio, a really good first aid kit, a big stainless steel trunk that locks (to keep rodents, etc., out of the food I harvest and textiles I make), and Abramovich’s new yacht, Eclipse.

  9. This sounds like the best desert island ever. Does it have coconut palms on it? If so we will need rum as well as vodka.

  10. Is your island be enough for all of us?

    I totally forgot about bugs. Thank goodness Ozzy thinks of everything.

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