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Buffett Concert

So the Buffett concert was awesome.  Again.  I feel like I never get tired of this.  How could I tire of all this good fun?  Think I’m exaggerating?  Just look at these pictures.


People bring their living room furniture for tailgating.  Fun!


Dale says he only goes for my sake but I think he’s lying.  Look at that smile.  Fun!


This is my sister-in-law, Jen.  This was her first Buffett concert.  That’s a very unique kind of fun.


Fins up!  Even on trucks.  Fun!


This girl was our neighbor to the right.  She brought lots of jello shots to share.  Fun!


And this guy was our neighbor across the way.  He learned to play ladder croquet and forgot his job troubles in the process.  That’s good.  And fun!


Pirates.  They are naturally fun.   Well, at least the pretend ones are.


Palm trees, hula hoops, Hawaiian shirts.  All fun!

Get my point?

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  1. What a great way to relax and forget, to enjoy the moment that you are experiencing right now. The furniture tailgaiting is so funny, I’ve never seen that before, people who love and good time while in comfort, everyone would have to come by and check it out (and be just a little envious).

  2. It looks like a lot of fun. Your post reminded me of our neighbors who have matching vanity license plates on their cars:
    FINS-R and FINS-L. We never could figure out what they stood for and had to ask them.

  3. Got stuck in the exit traffic going home but just relaxed and switch on “Take the weather with you” and relaxed! Dinah

  4. This tale-gating makes LSU, the supposed pro at tale-gating, look like little girls. I’m impressed! The concert is a success before a single note is sounded, eh?

  5. Yes, that does look like a lot of fun! In fact, it looks like it might even be more fun than the actual concert.

  6. heh heh – Dale certainly looks like he’s having fun too!
    Can you believe the people who brought their living room furniture! ha ha ha ha
    Glad you had such a great time.

  7. That looks like great fun! I have to look up ladder croquet, as I have never heard of it. But if it can take someone’s mind off job troubles, it must be good.

  8. Have you ever noticed that most of the crowd is over 40?? And who says we can’t party – just sayin!!!

  9. Dang, Julie beat me to it, right out of the gate. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, had a blast, lived it up, painted the town red, and savored the experience.

  10. That’s some serious tailgating! Sofas and wing chairs along side jello shooters. Livin’ large! Good for you!

  11. Tailgating with real furniture is hard core! Oh, and I found a recipe for margarita jello shots last year that were amazing. Thought it would be perfect for your next concert!

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