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Last Friday was Dale’s birthday and I took him to his favorite place for the weekend.  Gettysburg.  It’s a long drive, especially when there is traffic in Connecticut and New York, but it was worth it to see Dale enjoy it so much.  He must have thanked me more than a dozen times.


It sure is photogenic there. The fields are gorgeous this time of year, full of greens and browns.


The monuments are plentiful and some, like this one for the Pennsylvania units, are truly spectacular.  And huge!  Dale climbed up all the steps to take in the view from above but I stayed on the ground below and took more pictures.


This monument overlooks Devil’s Den from Little Round Top. I think it’s a great reminder of what those officers saw back in July 1863. Death and destruction in such a beautiful setting.


As we were driving through the battlefield I spied this red headed woodpecker in flight.  First he landed on a nearby tree and then he flew over and landed on this monument.  What a fantastic sight – I was so happy to capture this shot as we don’t have these birds in Southeastern Massachusetts.


This coming weekend is the big 146th reenactment but the place was already crawling with reenactors.  This Confederate unit was set up at Spangler’s Spring.  They put on a great educational program for the spectators.


But I really prefer to see the fields without the people.  The Wheatfield was the spot of a terribly bloody battle although you’d never know it to see it now.  I can’t help but think about it when I’m standing there, though.  All those men.  Dead.  Such a waste.

It’s important that we remember what happened there.  We must pay tribute and study and understand how fragile our union truly is  so that we never let something like a civil war happen again.

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  1. We also visited a historical site last weekend – the cellar hole of the house where the witch accusations began. It sits plunk in the middle of a regular neighborhood in Danvers, not Salem. It’s still a little spooky.

  2. You saw the sun! What’s it like?

    My mother has a bullet she found at Gettysburg a very long time ago. I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t allow that sort of thing to be taken away these days, though.

  3. I would love to see Gettysburg some day. After reading Killer Angels I think I would find myself in awe.

  4. When isn’t there traffice in NY and CT? You are a sweet wife!

    I have never been there – it’s on my list of places to go. One day…..

  5. battlefield cemeteries move me the most. I try to imagine how the world would be if all those soldiers could live out their lives

  6. Gettysburg is one of my favorite historical places. I’ve always wanted to ride the battlefield in the early a.m. and watch the mist rise. We used to go a lot when I was a kid and lived in Pennsylvania. It’s not that far from Carlisle, where my uncle and aunt still live.

  7. Must be that time of year 🙂 We camped at Crown Point, NY right next to the old fort ruins and a few miles from Ticonderoga. The did pick some spectacular vistas for their battles back then.

  8. Ken’s family lives right by Gettysburg so we do visit a lot. My favorite spot is Devil’s Den. You can almost hear the whispers of a time gone past on a quiet day.

  9. great photos…my favorite spot is Devil’s Den. If you came that far for a trip did you check ou The Manning’s? Great place for knitting supplies.

  10. I live by the Manassas Battlefield and think the same thing. Such lovely grounds to have witness such horrors. And to think the city folks would come to watch as “spectators”. I hope to visit Gettysburg someday soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  11. Great photos – and am glad to hear that Dale enjoyed his birthday. It is so important to remember our country’s history – and hopefully not to repeat it again…

  12. Great pictures. I’m happy that Dale enjoyed his birthday. Wish him a happy one from all of us. One of these days I’ll get up to Gettysburg instead of just passing thru..

  13. Terry is a total Civil War fanatic….we should have gotten him together with Dale at New Hampshire! We detoured through Gettysburg coming home from Baltimore several years ago…very moving.

  14. We’ve never been but it is near the top of our list of places to visit. I have heard you can actually feel ths spirist of those who died there. A psychic friend of mine says it is the most haunted place she has ever been to.

  15. When we visited I was struck by the scene at the Devil’s Den … like the Wheatfield, a scene of unspeakable carnage, now being clambored over by happy children.

    We were at Gettysburg for 36 hours … it was not enough.

  16. So interesting. My kids have been wathcing “National Treasure 2” — about Lincoln. And there you have it — you are seeing history and we’re knee deep in DVDs!!

  17. The pic with the re-enactor in it kind of spooked me for a minute! Great photos and beautiful sentiments to go along with them. Happy belated birthday to Dale – good for you for spoiling him just a little bit too!

  18. I was there for the 125th (as you know), I wonder if I should campaign to go to the 150th… ;o)

    Awesome photos and happy birthday to Dale!

  19. Gettysburg is a very beautiful place. Your pictures remind me of the trip I took there with my mom on the way back from a rabbit show. Someday, I would like to go back.

  20. I have wanted to take my husband there for a couple of years now, and I hear they completely restored the Cyclorama. Maybe this summer. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. We have a new statue in our town. It’s an unclothed young woman and there’s always a bird sitting on her head. Cracks me up.

  22. Carole, I didn’t read this in time, but did you visit The Mannings while you were in Gettysburg? It’s close to Gettysburg & is a wonderful yarn shop.

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