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What I’m Knitting

I figure if I’m going to call this a knitting blog I really should talk about knitting every now and again.  So, let’s.  Here’s what’s on the needles these days.

baby chalice blanket progress

Baby Chalice Blanket.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Worsted, color is Dahlia.  I’m really enjoying knitting this.  The pattern is fun and entertaining and the yarn is truly wonderful.  It is truly just a big blog o’ purple right now but I have high hopes for the blocking process.

fannie sock progress

Fannie Socks.  The yarn is Farmhouse Yarns Fannie’s Fingering Weight, color is Zinnia.  I’m also really enjoying knitting these.  The yarn is scrumptious and the color is gorgeous and so summery.  They are the perfect take along knitting for outdoor concerts, cook outs, ball games, etc.

And that’s it.  How about you?  What are you knitting these days?

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  1. That blanket is going to be beautiful, Carole! The color is great.

    I can tell you what I’m not knitting these days – I’m not knitting that second sleeve that would finish my poor sweater. It’s been in my bag with only one sleeve for over a month! I blame Summer of Socks 🙂

  2. I love the blanket!! I’m suddenly envisioning a stole in that pattern… Pretty sock, too!

    I’m still enjoying my feather and fan recovery knitting. Maybe I’ll start a real project this weekend!

  3. I’m on vacation, so i really am getting some knitting in! An Alchemy sock was cast off last night.
    I really like how the color is distributing on that Farmhouse sock!

  4. I agree with Allison about the socks. I particularly like the orange dots between the stripes.

    The other day I finished a Shetland Shawl, after completing a beaded Aeolian Shawl. So I’m contemplating my UFOs and trying to decide which one to work on next. Or I could start some Rainbow Socks. It’s hard to knit in such humid weather.

  5. What a lovely blanket!

    I’m hurriedly trying to complete Shawl That Jazz to take with me to Oregon. I think I’m going to make it!

  6. Gorgeous knits! I love the color of your socks- I might have to find some of that for myself. 🙂 I’ve got too many things on the needles at the moment but what I’m focusing on are a pair of melis socks for a friend of mine (in purple bamboo-blend yarn, very soft!), and a pair of kaibashira socks for myself (in blue/purple/green tofutsies yarn, yum!) that I hope to finish for Sock Summit.

    A question for you- I love your picot-edge socks, but when I knit my own the picot edge kept wanting to flip out. Do you do anything special to get yours to lay flat? Use a smaller needle on the inside? Knit an extra round on the outside before the joining round?

  7. The socks and the blanket look great.

    What I’m knitting right now is anything to put off picking up those stupid UFO’s again. Mybe I’ll finish Bruce’s vest in August. Who doesn’t want to model a wool vest in August – right?

  8. Such a rich purple for your blanket. Beautiful. Someday I’ll learn that dern picot edge sock.

    I should finish side seams on a sweater for my daughter. Or I could weave in the ends on the EZ sweater. Or I might redo the underarm seams on my Karabella – too tight, damn. But nope. I’m knitting another pair of socks. Road trip knitting.

  9. Hopelessly behind in blog reading/commenting… (big sigh to self).. Your purple blanket is going to be gorgeous.
    Your evening boat trip sounded wonderful
    Glad to see that you are keeping those fabulous socks for yourself.

  10. I’m coming up on the half-way point of Mim’s “Transverse Scarf,” which means that I should probably start thinking about what’s next!

    Love the color for the baby blanket.

  11. Love the blankie and the typo (big blog of purple). I feel like my BLOG is a big BLOB of something right now, but not purple.

    LOVE that zinnia colorway!!!!

  12. Nice knitting – and it sounds like you are enjoying your projects. Hmmm… I’m working on sweater #8 (the Whisper Cardigan) and finishing up my Seraphim shawl – both enjoyable knits.

  13. love the blanket. Color is fab. I’m doing a lot of poolside crochet while the bobbles are at swim team practice, but what I’m most proud of right now is my seahorse scarf. (You can check it out on ravelry if you want to see.) My ravelry name is the same as my email. I’ve also done sea turtles, which I’m hoping to have posted by the end of today.

  14. Love the blanket and I’m crazy about those socks! I wish I could knit at the same gauge you do. I’d love to get that striping out of that yarn.

    People knit? Who knew?

  15. I think that is a really beautiful blanket…oh, I love the color…
    I have a baby gift to make and just can’t decide what to make —

    The socks are great looking…

  16. Loooove that color. Laurie and Manise keep raving about Madelinetosh, and I haven’t tried it yet. Is it really soft? Is it hard to get?

    For me it’s all over but the grafting on a DK hat I started almost a year and a half ago. My SIL admired it up one side and down the other when she visited us recently, so that’s one Christmas gift taken care of. And I have a seekrit project that I am loving a lot. And after that… maybe a Red Scarf, maybe some socks. Or both.

  17. I love the blanket. The color is gorgeous, as is the stitch pattern. I just ordered some sock yarn that I am hoping will be similar to that color.

  18. What a great color choice for a baby blankie! I love the pattern too… though the sock is a cutie. I have been completely smitten by the Fiesta Friendship shawl, and each new arrival in the mail leads me to a different direction… then there’s a few baby sweaters to be made by fall as well as my Circle Vest, needing only an inch around the outside to finish and enter in the fair in a few weeks.

  19. The blanket is beautiful and Zinnia is a great name for that colorway. What am I knitting? Nothing! Well, I did start a dishcloth while waiting for Harry Potter to start last week.

  20. I always have way too many knitting projects going on and not enough time.
    I am finishing 3 preemie hats, making a hat to match the first baby sweater (well, first sweater) I have ever made, and am attempting to start making some thigh warmers for Tanna.
    I love the purple, by the way.

  21. I love the blanket and sock! My knitting is definitely taking a backseat to the spinning for a few more days.

  22. I love the color and the pattern of the blanket! I just finished a hat for my mom, knit with bamboo/cotton yarn, and it was awful! It is HUGE and just so sad looking. She’s going through chemo so I’m trying to avoid wool, but this yarn just grew and grew! I was so disappointed…

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