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Baby Chalice Blanket

The Baby Chalice Blanket is a purple blob no more.

baby chalice blanket full size

Now it’s a lovely and soft and beautiful blanket for the baby of a wonderful friend.

baby chalice blanket portion

The yarn is Madelinetosh Worsted in the color Dahlia.  And I truly think it’s a fantastic match of yarn and pattern.

baby chalice blanket close up

I enjoyed every moment of knitting this blanket, from the cast on by the pool in Gettysburg to the car knitting and deck knitting and binding off in the air-conditioned goodness of my living room.

baby chalice blanket crocheted edge

I finished it up with my first-ever crocheted edge.  I think I did it right but don’t tell me if I didn’t.

baby chalice blanket folded

And now it’s folded up and ready to be gifted just as soon as this new little one arrives.  I hope she’ll enjoy it’s warmth and comfort for many years.  And I hope that she’ll always know that it was knit with lots and lots of love.

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  1. The blanket is beautiful. The babe must be special to you for you to knit a blanket. It would be hard to part with.

  2. Carole, it’s beautiful. In fact, I love the pattern so much after seeing it here the other day that I may have begun a bit of experimentation with it… 😉

  3. That blanket is so beautiful. I love giving (and receiving) knitted items because people always use it with such care. I’m sure that’s going to be the baby’s favorite blankie.

  4. Everytime I’ve given a blanket I’ve made to a child they end up carrying it for years, later they become their TV blanket. This one is so pretty and you are right the yarn and pattern go very well together.

  5. What a lucky little one to receive such a blankie! And especially from someone who obviously will love her tons and bunches too!

  6. It is a work of art from the stitches, including the crocheted!, to the color choice and yarn choice. Lucky lucky baby! I’m done having babies, but I can be a BIG baby for a blanket like that.

  7. You finished knitting and have it blocked and ready to go and the baby hasn’t arrived yet? Huhn? You are almost too perfect, Carole. This is the stuff of role models: a gorgeous, useful heirloom and done on time. Wow.

  8. You always manage to find these lovely little patterns and make them your own. This version is just stunning and will a joy for the recipient.

  9. Love the colorway and pattern! Nice job! Lucky mama and baby 🙂 It will be well loved by both.

  10. That is gorgeous, Carole! It is perfect in every way, down to that perfect edge. That is the kind of pattern and yarn that can get me excited about knitting a baby blanket.

  11. So pretty! I saw it on Ravelry but didn’t have a chance to comment before we hit the road back to Maine, so now I can comment here. Love the pattern and colorway! I’m afraid to find out that Tosh Worsted is as wonderful a yarn as her Sock. Must get job so I can feed the addiction. What a lucky baby.

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