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Bristow Sweater

bristow full front

The first thing I did, on my first day of vacation, was to finish up the Bristow Sweater for Lois.

bristow front

You may recall that I bartered with Lois and that’s how I wound up knitting her this sweater.  She chose the pattern, Bristow, and she chose the yarn, Cascade 220.

bristow sleeves

I did the knitting and in the meantime she’s finishing a quilt for me.  Since I’d much rather knit than quilt these days, I’m a winner on this deal.

bristow collar

This sweater is quite beautiful, though, and I think that makes Lois a winner, too.

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  1. I agree – it is a beautiful sweater. I’m more into quilting these days but still have my pair of socks on the needle : – )

  2. It’s lovely and you did a beautiful job. I hope you’ll show us the quilt your friend is finishing for you when you get it. I love quilts though like you, I’d rather knit than quilt!

  3. The sweater is beautiful and you did a great job. I have yet to finish a sweater that fits well. Socks are my thing. Show us the quilt too. I used to quilt also.

  4. A quilt for a sweater is a perfect trade of commodities!! Winners all around! The sweater is beautiful and Lois will love it!

  5. Carole that is a beautiful sweater! I may just have to put that one on my list. I love it. 🙂 Well done!

  6. The sweater is an instant classic, I love the style of it, it looks like it had enough of a pattern to hold your interest while knitting. By the way I noticed that gray is the new fall color (I noticed this while window shopping at a very high end mall).

  7. Just gorgeous! That pattern has been on my list for quite some time, but I really REALLY like it in that nice neutral.

  8. Ok. You think you’re getting the better end of the deal, but I’m not so sure…that’s one gorgeous sweater!!!

  9. The sweater looks wonderful. Lois certainly chose well and you did a great job (of course) with the knitting. I can’t wait to see the quilt when it’s finished.

  10. totally a win-win! many years ago one of my friends hand quilted a quilt for me for knitting her a sweater. we both got something we wouldn’t have had.

  11. That is a gorgeous sweater! And, the color is so nice. I think Lois is a winner for sure – especially with your beautiful knitting.

  12. I love how the Bristow Sweater turned out. She’s one lucky girl to be getting a gorgeous sweater. This is a win/win situation. She wins by getting the sweater and you win by getting a quilt. Please post a picture of your quilt when you get it.

  13. The sweater is beautiful. You did a wonderful job down to the last details.

    I love an exchange like this where everyone wins.

  14. Beautiful! The color choice really nails this one. And seeing yours, I’ve queued it up – how did I not see this one before?!?

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