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Tuesday’s Picture

A friend of ours told us about an abandoned field of blueberry bushes so last weekend we went in search of it.  We found it but it was really overgrown and the blueberries weren’t very accessible.  The trip wasn’t a total bust, though, as we spotted this flock of wild turkeys in a nearby yard.

wild turkeys

It’s nice to see the critters are doing so well in our area these days.  Makes me feel all Pilgrimy.

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  1. We’ve had one hanging around our neighborhood for over a week. I found him in my yard yesterday eating fallen bird seed- rather startling and big. Hopefully he ate some grubs and bugs while he was at it.

  2. Wild turkeys have become commonplace in Rockport, especially near the golf course. They menace the mail carriers, and advice has been sought from the Audubon Society. At some seasons, they even attack passing cars and halt traffic. The males can rise up somehow to look mighty big, as tall as a human — and fierce. (I wonder how they taste……?)

  3. Cute little babies. While cross-country skiing, my younger girl and I came upon four hens. So pretty in the snow. I had never thought a turkey “pretty” until then.

  4. I spotted a bunch of wild turkeys grazing near the road a couple days ago, too. Wonder if they were the same ones? 😉

  5. I love the smell of blueberries in the air near the woods. Reminds me of beign a little kid when I loved to pick them but not eat them, I know better now 😉

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