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Ten on Tuesday

There isn’t an official topic posted at Ten on Tuesday this week so I’m winging it.  Here’s my list of 10 Things I Love About The County Fair.

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1. People watching.  Oh, the sights you’ll see!

2. Beer.  I was so happy when I was finally old enough to walk around with a beer at the fair.  And the thrill isn’t gone.

3.  Corn dogs.  I only discovered the wonder of the corn dog a few years ago.  I can’t believe I went so many years without trying this culinary delicacy.

4. The rides.  I don’t go on as many as I used to but they are still fun.  My favorite was that big dragon boat one but only if I could sit in the very last seat.

5. The animals.  Rabbits, sheep, cows, chickens, pigs.  Yeah, they smell.  But it’s part of the ambiance.

6. The demolition derby.  Dirt and smoke and grease and crashing cars.  Good times.  I have a secret dream to drive a car in a demolition derby some day.

7. The giant pumpkin contest.  Sure, they’re ugly and pale orange but they are HUGE.

8. The arts and crafts exhibit.  Our particular fair doesn’t get much in the way of knitting entries but the quilts are fantastic.  And the photography exhibit is always very good.

9. Fried dough, candy apples, fudge, deep fried oreos and twinkees, giant lollipops.  I rarely eat these sweets, even at the fair, but I love seeing them all over the place.

10. Soak the Bloke.  The heckling is great and the cheering when someone finally dunks him is just the best.

This was probably one of the easiest lists I’ve ever written.  I guess I really do love the fair!

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  1. Fried Oreos? Gag. But to revive me, here the breeze is cool and briney, and the seagulls are crying. Even a few days of real summer are enough to make me happy.

  2. Oh Carol. Great list. I’d have to add:

    watching the judging in the ring of clydesdales. Zach once said, “Mommy why is that horse’s penis colored on?” Very loudly during the silent judging.
    He had not seen a penis with different pigments! it was a great moment.

  3. Yes, yes, yes… number 1 and 6. One hundred percent. I wish our fair had demo derby. I’d be so there.

    Stinkette is totally obsessed with corn dogs lately and I haven’t a clue where to find them. I am a failure. All my mom-skills are undone because I can’t find decent corn-dogs for my daughter. Sad but true.

  4. I’m heading to the MN State Fair on Thursday and am practically counting the minutes. I’m not so much for corn dogs–but the fried cheese curds? Oh, my. And deep-fried pickles with cream cheese!!!

  5. isn’t the dragon boat the one that swings back and forth and then eventually flips all the way over in a circle???
    I get dizzy just thinkin’ about it!

  6. I’m with Amy – plus the people watching at our stat fair is “enourmously” fun if ya catch my meaning. We grow them quite large up here!

  7. #1 definitely!! #6 you and R both – he kept saying he wishes he kept Dobby’s old Subaru throughout the whole demo derby on Wednesday! lol

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