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Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is another negative one.  Sigh.  But since I don’t have anything else ready to go today, well, I’ll be attempting a list of 10 Bad Habits  You Can’t Quit.

orange zinnia

taking pictures of flowers is definitely not a bad habit

1. Not committing to an exercise program.  I know I should.  I know it’s better for me.  And yet I can’t find anything I like enough to keep doing beyond the first week.

2. Over-eating.  I don’t necessarily eat food that’s bad for me but I generally eat too much of it.  You put this together with #1 up there and we’ve got a bit of a problem.

3. Buying too many gadgets.  My need for the next great leading bleeding edge techno gadget is great.  And I should probably ignore it.

4. Playing computer games.  Bejeweled, Zuma, Typing Maniac.  I waste way too much time on these games.

5. Procrastinating.  I don’t do it often but there are certain things I just hate to do and I put them off as long as possible.

6. Not washing my face before bed.  I used to be so good about this but now I just leave all that makeup and day’s dirt on there.  Definitely a bad habit!

7. Using a q-tip to clean my ears.  My doctor has told me to stop.  I can’t, though.  It feels too good!  And honestly – what are q-tips for if they aren’t for this?

8.  I swear.  Not a lot but I probably shouldn’t.  At least, that’s what Dale says.

9. Buying sock yarn.  I’ve cut back but still, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it’s a habit of mine.

And that’s about all I can come up with.  I’m sure there are more but I don’t smoke, I don’t bite my nails, and I don’t drink too much.  I wear my seat belt and I even go to the dentist these days.

You can’t expect me to be more perfect than that.

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  1. A song comes to mind as I read you list: “Sisters, sisters. Never were there such devoted sisters!” True enough – we are twins. 1 through 9!

  2. No way I’m giving up my q-tips. No way, no how. It’s like an addiction!

    I like the techno gadgets too. The only thing that stops me most times is lack of money!

    Good list – most of those items would be on mine too.

  3. I share many of these- I forgot my travel Q-tips on my Sock Summit trip and it effected me all day- ( till I got into the market)

  4. I am a world class procrastinator – even when it costs me money. There is NO explanation. That one tops my list.

    I don’t know that sock yarn is a vice. It’s too functional – ya know?

  5. Funny, no MD has asked ever me about Q-tip use. While I understand the reasons, I don’t like the feeling of not using them after a shower. Guilty of many of the other things on your list too. 🙂

  6. If it helps you’re not alone in your bad habits. I share most of those. I’m hoping to conquer the exercise thing now that school is starting again and we’re back to a routine.

  7. Could you pass me a Q-tip, please? I’ve heard that line of thinking before and ignore it for two reasons. DH doesn’t use them and I have to send him off to get his ears cleaned to save our marriage. I think he’s ignoring me, and he says he doesn’t hear me. Argh! And,after swimming competitively for umpteen years, I just can’t tolerate a tickle in my ears. Having said this publicly, no doubt the Q-tip police will be breaking down my door any minute.

  8. Another “Bejeweled” addict here!! Just ordered more sock yarn last night when the Loopy Ewe had their sneak up! I “needed” a skein of MackIntosh–since I didn’t have that dyer in my “collection!” When I was in nursing school…one of my classmates punctured her eardrum with a Q-tip. She was “preparing” for the lab where we going to learn about examining the ear, nose, throat!! There was the fear of having wax in her ears when we practiced on each other!!!

  9. I still use Q-tips daily and I don’t intend to stop. I do recall hearing something about using them carefully but never that we shouldn’t use them at all. I’d ignore it anyway.

    I get easily sucked into computer games so avoid them alltogether. But I’m right there with you on the rest of the list.

  10. I struggle with #s 1 and 2 as well. It’s not that I’m in the chocolate or ice cream trough on a regular basis. But mashed potatoes are a weakness of mine, and so hard to resist in large quantities.

  11. What’s the matter with using Qtips? I don’t feel clean until I’ve Qtipped my ears! I forget to wash my face at night too, and I really need to get into the habit. My face feels so much better when I do and I know it’ll help in the long run.

  12. Oh. In other words: you’re human! Glad to know it. 😀 And really, if those are your only “bad” habits, I think you’re doing great!

  13. I was also not thrilled at the negative Ten on Tuesday topic. I think what bothered me the most was can’t, rather than don’t, won’t, or some other variation. That being said, I have several that would be difficult to break, and some are on your list, too.

  14. grrr…. too bad that they are focusing on negative things.
    those supposedly ‘bad’ habits are really ok.. we are all human, afterall.
    and as for the yarn buying habit, I’d just consider it your own economic stimulus contribution 😉 I’m sure that all the indy dyers you buy from are absolutely delighted with your habit!!

  15. Oh, I forgot that I don’t exercise (unless walking around fiber festivals, yarn and quilt shops counts) and using Q-tips to clean my ears. That’s what they were invented for I thought…and our mother’s used them on us when we were kids…

  16. I’m with you on #1 and 2. And the Q-tip thing? I use them every day and love it. My ears feel funny after a shower if I don’t clean them out. I heard someone refer to their use as “eargasms” and I’m with them – it feels so good! I work in the medical field, and I’m here to tell you that proper use of Q-tips is okay. I have seen them cause problems though, so don’t be pushing all that wax back into your ears or we have to clean them out the hard way!

  17. Removing mascara from your eyelids. ;^) Not that I’m ever giving up on Q-Tips.

    You can and do express yourself well without cursing. Therefore, you don’t do it too much. Take that, Dale. :p

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