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Ten On Tuesday


This week’s Ten on Tuesday’s subject is 10 Things You Think are Cool.  I’m so grateful it’s not a negative topic that I don’t even care that I’m probably completely out of touch with anything cool.

1. Fancy camera equipment.  This may be fall out from Sunday’s photography class but I can’t help myself.

2. Converse sneakers.  Any color.  Every color.

3. Flip Video Cameras.  Again with the camera thing.

4. Tattoos.  Definitely cool.

5. Hulu.  Watching your favorite TV shows on the computer is way cool.

6. Knitting and spinning.  Of course this isn’t really cool but still, I wouldn’t be very loyal to my hobby if I didn’t list it here.

7. Listening to books on my iTouch.  Again, probably not really cool but I think it is – so there.

8. And really, going along with#7, my iTouch is cool.  The apps are awesome and there really is an app for everything.

9. Ravelry.  It’s where all the cool kids hang out, isn’t it?

10. My life.  I’m a dork but I like my life and that makes me cool.  Doesn’t it?

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  1. Cool list! Your blog is cool too – don’t forget.
    Would love to hear more about your favorite apps on iTouch.
    Have you been to You can order sneakers YOU design. Way cool!

  2. Having a cool life is the best!

    And if it weren’t for listening to books on my ipod I wouldn’t get any reading done at all! Don’t have an i-touch, but I am hoping to get the I phone in Novemer when it comes time to renew my cell. I have heard it is so much fun.

  3. I think knitting and spinning (and all fiber arts, really) are very cool! Not that many people today can turn fluff into yarn and then turn yarn into garments. Of course, I might be biased.

  4. Ha, Stinkette got Converse low tops (couldn’t find high tops in her size) this weekend and promptly attacked them with my collection of sharpies. Black Converse with colorful bits are definitely cool.

  5. Converse are the coolest!! I have 3 pair that I picked up in China and when we go back I plan to get more! They have the best plaids and designs over there not to mention I can get half sizes there as well.

    Cool post, Carole!

  6. Love the cool post! I agree with almost all of them (don’t have an iTouch, but think they are cool anyway). We just got a Flip video camera on Friday, as our thank you gift for switching to FiOS…best thank you gift of that nature ever! It’s so small that I can carry it everywhere in my purse (which now weighs a ton, thanks to the Flip and my camera and my iPod and my cell phone….something is wrong here)

  7. ok – its official,…. and we all agree – you are one cool cat!
    cool list too!
    It’s nice to have a positive ten list – starts the day off right 🙂

  8. Hello! You’re married to a rock star and have a very cool daughter… not to mention super cool kitty cat. Also it’s extremely cool that you know everything and are always right.

    Of course, I’m not a member of your household. I might differently if we shared a kitchen. ;^)

  9. Of course knitting and spinning are cool! Really now. Also Rangeley Lake (literally and figuratively), knitbloggers, sheep, lamas, waterfalls, and successful surgery. How many is that? Maybe I should just do this one myself.

  10. Your list is fun. My number one would be “indoor plumbing.” All those years of hauling water in a bucket from the creek…

    Your #10 is golden.

  11. Totally unrelated, but since you’re a librarian, I thought I’d ask…have you read “The Magician’s Elephant” yet? I just finished it and loved it! “Sarah’s Key” was also a wonderful book. Hope you’re having a lovely week!

  12. Like you, I was happy the topic was positive this time!

    I had knitting on my list also. I just think it’s cool that at some point in time, someone took sticks and string and figured out what to do with it – and now we are still doing the same thing!

  13. Have to agree. THose who are cool hang out on knitblogs and Rav!

    I think I may do a ten on tuesday today, wednesday, on my blog. That would be fitting for absent minded me!

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