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Hemlock Ring Blanket

A few months ago my friend and fellow knitblogger Gale and I began planning a Photography for Knitters Workshop to be held at my library.  And yesterday was THE day.  I was really excited to take a photography class from someone who “gets” the whole knitting thing and I was not disappointed.

Gale with yarn

Here’s Gale with some yarn.  She was sniffing it, moments before.  I told you she gets it.

Part of the class was a slideshow of Gale’s work and that was wonderful.  I loved seeing the different ways she showcased hand knits.  And part of the class was “hands on” and we all went outside and took photos of our finished knits.  Gale pointed out some great features of my library for use as photo backdrops and I loved seeing it through her eyes.


I brought my Hemlock Ring Blanket to photograph.  It’s been finished for months and I just hadn’t been able to find a good way to showcase it.  Thanks to a bike rack and some decorative grasses (and Gale’s keen eye) I found a great spot right outside the library door.


In case you’ve forgotten after all this time, the yarn is Cascade 220.  And, while I have loved other versions of this blanket, mine just doesn’t excite me.  It’s okay but I don’t love it.  In fact, I’m sort of meh about the whole thing.


I did enjoy knitting it, though, and perhaps it really just needs a more severe blocking.


I am pretty happy with the photos of it and I’m thrilled to have discovered a new place to photograph my knits.

I just have to make sure no one catches me throwing an afghan over a bike rack or a pair of socks over a bush.  It is my place of business, after all.

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  1. I think a more severe blocking would be just what the doctor ordered. You can see that the stitchery is beautiful. It just needs to be stretched into submission.

  2. Our library has gotten used to seeing me knitting in a corner (go there to escape the visit of the Bug Man). It would only be a little step up to add knit photography, and they have several interesting spots. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Yeah I have to agree that a more severe blocking would open it up more make it lacier. Lucky you to take a class with Gale! She certainly does get it.

  4. I dunno, I think it’s stunning. But then again, I didn’t have to stare at it all the time it was being knit. Maybe familiarity breeds contempt?

  5. You know, I had that same sort of “meh” reaction when I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket too. I’ve never used it. I also agree with taking pictures in public – “Move along, nothing to see here…”

  6. Your blog and beautiful photos inspired me to get a new camera last week!! Nothing too fancy..just a step above the one I had.
    Time to get out there and practice taking photos.

  7. I love that first blanket photo where there is a faint echo of the blanket color in the grasses behind it. And yes, I think a more severe blocking would make you a happier camper. Quick, before it gets colder and things take longer to dry, do it!

  8. I think it looks lovely as it is but a good blocking would probably improve it. You really should because the color is lovely. (so similar to your blog background). The class sounds great.

  9. What a fabulous class that must have been – and clever you for coming up with the idea 😉
    I suspect that since there are more and more sightings of knit-bloggers in the wild these days (and often very close in to civilization) that the muggle world would most likely not be too shocked at your photo shoots . (grin)

    Lovely hemlock blanket. I bet that it is ever so soft, since made of cascade 220 ! And I agree with others that a really hard blocking would make you much happier with the outcome. It truly is a stunning pattern.

  10. Isn’t our Gale wonderful?!

    I agree that a good hard blocking would work wonders on that blanket. Although, there is no rule saying that we must love everything we knit.

    And people seeing you with socks in the bushes? You’re working a project and using the lovely landscaping at your office as background. Where’s the shame in being proud of how your part of the world looks?

  11. I am jumping on the blocking bandwagon. But I love the color and the photos. What a great idea for a workshop! I’d go to one like that in a heartbeat. It’s really fun to have someone show you how to see things in a different way.

  12. I’ll bet that was a wonderful workshop!!! I love the idea of the bike rack for showcasing that beautiful blanket…

    I’ll bet the patrons at your library would “get it” – cause they must know you are an avid knitter!!!

  13. What a fabulous idea for a library program! I have zero creativity when I’m photographing my knits. Lay it on the deck or lay it on the patio table? Your Hemlock Ring is beautiful! I love the color too.

  14. The workshop was wonderful yesterday and I learned alot! Your hemlock blanket is beautful and looks great photographed. I also can’t believe I didn’t realize you were THE Carole Of sock madness. I’ve participated in it every year since it started and plan to continue. I look forward to it every year! It was nice getting to meet Julie too!
    Thanks for organizing such a nice workshop. Gale is great!

  15. Do you really think that people will view you differently if they see you arranging handknits on the bike rack? Don’t you have one of Franklin’s Hide No More t-shirts?

    People in my home town knew to drop off any knitting needles they found around town at the library’s circ desk for when I came in to shelf read…

    I vote for a hard block and maybe a bit of steam around the edges. I really like how the color compliments the stitch pattern. Beautiful work, as always. I hadn’t seen this pattern before and it’s thought-provoking.

  16. yep, block the bad biccccch. I think it’s really attractive… I have a 220 scarf that I like a lot, but if you’re thinking it might be a bit itchy, maybe some hair conditioner? murphy’s oil soap? something else? (the old ladies at the LYS always swore by oil soap…)

  17. Hey, if you keep saying nice things like this about me I’m going to have to knit all new hats with much bigger circumferences this winter . Maybe I can wear that Felicity style after all, then. 🙂
    Seriously, a good class happens because of a fabulous group of students. Thanks for opening your library to us!

    ps I understand what you are saying about not doing your knitwear photos all over your work, it’s hard to mix the two so vigorously. I think you need to sneak over there on Sundays & holidays.

    pps Nice photos!

  18. You are one industrious lady! Cool class idea.

    I know there are tons of hours in the blanket, but if you’re not enjoying it, I bet you know someone who would. They don’t have to know you feel “meh.”
    Happy week!

  19. The photo really highlights the pattern… and I agree that re-blocking might help you see this in a whole new light. Maybe you just love the feel of laceweight over your shoulders these days.

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