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Featherduster Shawl

My heart and my thoughts are in Utah today as Margene undergoes surgery.  I talked to her over the weekend and she sounds great.  She is strong and positive and in excellent health, other than this heart thing.  She is , of course, anxious for this to be over, and you should know that Susan will be posting an update to the Zeneedle blog once there is news to share.  I know I’ll be checking repeatedly and I bet many of you will, too.

featherduster full shot

So, with Margene and Susan on my mind so much today, it seems this is the perfect time to show you my finished Featherduster Shawl.  I wouldn’t have knit this at all if it weren’t for Susan’s talent and Margene’s persuasion!

featherduster center and edge

Susan’s pattern is fantastic, as always.  The chart is easy to follow and the beauty of the design really shines through when using this Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  It’s truly light as a feather.

featherduster behind the flowers

The flowers in the photo shoot are courtesy of Dale.  He brought them home from a wedding the band played the other night.  I can count on one hand the number of times he has done this over the years but I love it when he does.  I especially love it when it provides such a beautiful back drop for my shawl.

featherduster edge very close

I haven’t had the chance to wear this yet (plus, I have a rule about not wearing hand knits until they have been blogged) but I know I will reach for it over and over again.  It will go with everything.

featherduster wavy edge

It’s super soft and truly gorgeous and I love the scalloped edge, too.  So many of my shawls have had pointed edges that I truly appreciate the soft roundness of this edging.

featherduster half

And even though it’s too warm to wear it today, I brought it with me to work.  It’s right here, by my side, reminding me of the friend who designed it and the other friend who knit one for herself at the same time that I was knitting this one for me.  It’s keeping me company as I think good and healing thoughts for my friend Margene.

Sometimes our hand knits provide comfort in ways we never imagined.

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  1. The color is wonderful (as is the pattern) and it goes so well with those flowers. What a great eye you have for photo set ups. Happy Wednesday and may you enjoy many wearings o’ the shawl. 😀

  2. It’s SO beautiful! I have the yarn to make one similar to the color Margene made. My thoughts and prayers are with her and Smith today.

  3. Your shawl is lovely. Mine is blocked but I’ve not yet photographed it yet. Good vibes and prayers to Margene and her surgical crew.

  4. Your shawl (and flowers) are really lovely. I keep wanting one of these but I have a “no itchy mohair’ rule. ;^) Thanks for mentioning where we can get updated on Margene, she’s such a part of my morning ritual – and how I found you and this blog.

  5. It’s beautful! I don’t know how this one escaped my radar! I’ll be watching for an update to Margene’s blog today, and will read it on my cell phone (stupid office!). Fingers crossed.

  6. I am also sending prayers to Utah today as well. The shawl is beautiful. I also love the round edging. It is much more delicate and feminine IMHO.

  7. Carole- it really is a stunning shawl. And I am tempted to knit one also – yours is amazing!
    I wish that they could Margene into surgery sooner than the end of the week. dang. I’ll be continuing to focus on her healing every day, pretty much all day long.
    thanks for keeping us all linked up about this.

  8. I know “musicians always eat” is a rule, and I’ve never come away from a gig hungry. However, I’ve never gotten the flowers. Wow!

    And Wow for that shawl – beautiful job! Well done!

  9. Lovely, soft and beautiful and the flowers make the photos even more gorgeous.

    I’ll be checking on Margene too.

  10. The shawl is lovely. Isn’t it wonderful how our knitting can make us feel close to the ones we love and care about. Margene is in my thoughts.

  11. I love this little, light, airy, feathery, beautiful shawl. It is a great way to think about Margene today. Today, I have the Shetland Triangle I spindled and knit from the Twisted Knitters Dye, Spin, Knitalong she organized a few years ago.

  12. Beautiful shawl! I’m finally getting caught up on blog stuff now that I have a (mostly) working wifi connection here. I hope Margene is doing well…I suppose I’ll be finding that out soon. ;o)

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