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A Year In A Life

birthday zinnias

A post written by my husband, Dale . . .

A few years have come and gone since last I was a guest blogger at Carole Knits.  The occasion then, as it is now, was to give Carole a day off and wish her a very happy birthday.  So here we are again on September 21st to do just that.

We have many ways of marking a year for different purposes.  We have the calendar year, the fiscal year, and the school year.  We can mark a year by the four seasons or the moons or a blogaversary.  All of these methods are, one way or another, shared by all.

There is one yearly measurement, however, that is yours and yours alone.  I think of it as the “birthday year” and it’s a very personal way of marking the passage of time.  Just like a calendar year, it’s a time to celebrate, a time to reflect, and a time to look forward.

Carole, I do hope that this past year was everything you hoped it would be and as years go, in your personal collection, I hope it was right up there with the best of them!  No need to recap the year’s ups and downs, adventures and accomplishments, that’s the beauty of your blog’s archives.  But now it’s time to think about your upcoming year.  I wish for you a year of love, happiness and fulfillment.  A year from now I hope you can say that this was the best year yet.

And since I do read this blog, and I even sometimes pay attention, I want to start this birthday year off right, and do something special for you.  So I’ve written you a poem.

Ode to Carole

When you asked if I would be a guest on today’s blog

I will admit that my mind was locked in a fog

Words don’t come as easy to me as they do to you

And I’m in awe of your talent, I hope you know that’s true

So here’s a wish for your birthday in my simple and humble way

And if the rhymes aren’t terrific, I hope that will be okay

I just wanted to let you know I’m glad that you’re my wife

And I wanted to thank you for sharing with me another year in your life

Happy Birthday, darling.

Well thanks for reading this.  I do hope that all of Carole’s friends will join me in wishing her  a very happy birthday.  And please join me next year at this time when I’ll attempt to be a guest knitter.

Okay, only kidding about that last part.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!

    You are a lucky wonderful woman. A beautiful tribute by Dale and a poem too!!! Hope you have a very special day.


  2. Happpy Birthday Carole!!! That is some guy you have there….definitely a keeper. :0

    I hope your day is one filled with joy.

  3. Lovely post Dale- Happy Happy Birthday Carole-
    Hope your weather out east is nicer than we have in Chicago today-

  4. Happy Birthday, dear, dear one! Dale did a wonderful job of guest hosting for a day. I’ll be back next year, just in case he wasn’t kidding. 😉

  5. Dale – what lovely and beautiful thoughts on this great occasion. I think you are lucky to have each other.

    Carole – Happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Carole! (Dale, we’re holding you to the knitting. We will expect regular progress reports, and next year this time, you shall have acquired your own stash and started your own blog.)

  7. What a GUY! Happy Birthday Carole.

    Your knitting and photography keep me coming back. You are the best at thanking or responding to folks who comment on the blog. YOu don’t need to though, for me Carole. Not every time if you are too tired etc. THAT Is my gift to you!

  8. Happy Birthday! September is a great month for birthdays. Mine was yesterday! Have a wonderful day.


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