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Trekking Through Socktoberfest

I have my first pair of finished Socktoberfest Socks right here.

trekking socks with pumpkins

There’s nothing like a good ole pair of stockinettte socks in Trekking.

trekking stripes with pumpkins

I mismatched the stripes on purpose.  Just because I wanted to be contrary.

trekking toe with pumpkins

The colors remind me of Halloween but I’ll wear them all winter long. And Trekking wears like iron, my friends.

trekking feet with pumpkins

I’m still working on my Mystery Socks and Dragonfly Socks and I’ve started a new pair of plain socks. Think I can finish them all by the time Socktoberfest ends? I do.

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  1. Lovely socks! I don’t know self patterning yarns much, but everytime I do they are some of my fastest projects I get finished. It’s so fun to watch the pattern develop, even when you know how it will happen.

  2. Perfect Soctoberfest socks. They remind me of a bowl of Halloween candy with all the fun colors.

  3. Oooo, I love that colorway! I think you’ve convinced me to put some of my self-patterning yarn on the needles for times when my projects aren’t in a good KIP-ing state. It may take a year to finish them, but…

  4. They really look great. Love the colors! Trekking is my favorite sock yarn. Nice colors and the socks have a great wear and tear.

  5. Ohhh, what is the color number please? I love it! it looks similar to my Carnival Trekking socks: Lulabellebird on Rav.

  6. Oh those are for sure Halloween socks! Love them! I have two skeins of Trekking and I still haven’t made anything out of them. I intend to…

  7. I just LOVE Trekking. It even makes me almost want to knit socks — but it DEFINITELY makes me want to knit mitten liners. My Trekking mitten liners are my favorites!

  8. I really like that pair of socks, and think that striping on each sock is perfect individually and together.

    Of course you will finish them all before the end of the month!

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