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Socktoberfest: The Second Pair

On Friday I asked what you were all planning on doing with your extra hour this weekend when daylight savings time ended. I used mine to finish a pair of socks for Socktoberfest.

dragonfly socks

This yarn, which I loved in the skein, was a challenge to knit into something I loved. My first attempt was my usual plain stockinette but it was striping in a way that I didn’t like. My second attempt was a simple 2×2 rib and while that worked, it still didn’t sing to me.

dragonfly socks legs

Turns out the third attempt was the charm and I love the yarn knit in this Dragonfly Pattern.

dragonfly socks heel

The stripes aren’t as obvious and the colors combine in a pleasing way.

dragonfly socks foot

There’s just one problem. They don’t fit me. Oh well, I guess a knitter can’t have everything.

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  1. They are certainly interesting in their pattern stripey-ness and how each instep is opposite to the other. I have some of this yarn in stash, but in the yellow gray colorway for Anne’s caterpillar socks.

  2. I like the yarn in this pattern a lot, but BUMMER that they don’t fit. Are they too tight? Too loose? Would you be able to salvage the situation by gifting them someday (not hinting, I just realized how that sounds, but thinking maybe Hannah)?

  3. They certainly look pretty in the leafy setting. I hope you find someone who can use a fun pair of socks. Have a good Monday1

  4. I hate when that happens! I had that when I knit my first pair of jaywalkers. In the draw they went and became Christmas presents.

  5. Oh, you did choose the right pattern! They look wonderful. Too bad about the fit…do you know someone who’d be able to wear them?

  6. They don’t fit?! Oh no! And such a perfect pattern for the yarn…

    [Your dragonfly pattern link needs the “c” removed from the front end.]

  7. It must be something going around….stuff just doesn’t look right.
    The yarn IS pretty in these socks tho’ – so do they fit anyone you know?

  8. oh no. they are gorgeous – and I love how the yarn and the pattern work together. Hopefully you have someone deserving to gift them to!

  9. What do you mean they don’t fit you? Who do they fit? I know you’ve made enough socks in your life to know how to make a pair in your size. And not fitting reminds me to e-mail kpixie again. Hopefully I’ll hear from them this time. I love the brown and blue and I like the sock pattern. I think I’ll have to add it to my queue.

  10. I was like what does she mean they don’t fit her! Her knit socks always fit her! Was it that the pattern either made the socks smaller or larger?

  11. Love the pattern and yarn together. Too bad they don’t fit you…I think I might have had to “make” them fit…can you curl your toes under or something?

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