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Through The Loops Mystery Sock ’09

Before I went to Vegas I finished another pair of Socktoberfest Socks. This is pair #3, the final pair in fact, the Through The Loops Mystery Socks, for those of you keeping track. They are also my favorite pair.

mystery socks

The pattern is fantastic. That’s no surprise since Kirsten is a wonderful designer.

mystery sock leg

And the yarn, Claudia Hand Painted in the color Cherries, is a perfect match for the pattern. But damn, red is hard to photograph.

mystery sock toes

I love the attention to detail on the toes. Just look at the way that twist is finished off!

mystery sock heel

It was really fun to have a change from my usual stockinette sock and do something with a little lace and a little cable.

And a lot of style!

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  1. Love the red!! Wow!
    Just finishing the heel in sock 2 of mine. Can’t wait to finish this fun, fun pattern.

  2. They look great Carole! I love that red!
    If you haven’t already, be sure to post a photo in the TTL group so that you are entered in the contest!

  3. This is a lovely pattern, and I now regret not participating this year. I will put this one in my queue, and I love yours in that color!! Sweet!

  4. Mine came out to skinny for my fat feet so I gave them to my daughter! Making a larger pair for me, it is a fun pattern and really interesting to do. D

  5. That pattern is awesome…I’ve started it – but, haven’t gotten very far on it. I love her patterns – and her pattern from last year was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone to do a new pattern for socks.

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