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Blue Jean Socks

Hey everybody! How was your Thanksgiving? How was your weekend? All good, I hope!

blue jean socks

I spent a lot of my time this weekend getting our house decorated for the Christmas season. In the midst of my decorating, though, I took some time out to photograph a newly finished pair of socks.

blue jean socks leg

I decided to pose them against a Christmas wall hanging I made several years ago, rather than taking my usual modeled shots. I think it’s a nice back drop for these gorgeous navy blue socks.

blue jean socks heel

It’s my usual pattern – picot edge, slip stitch heel – which I’m working on writing up, I promise.

blue jean socks toe

The yarn is Kim’s sock yarn and it is absolutely scrumptious. These socks were a complete joy to knit because of this fabulous yarn. And I just love the deep rich blue.

This is pair #17 for the year, by the way. Just in case you’re keeping track or something.

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  1. Log cabin is one of my favorite patterns but that one is even more gorgeous! Love it! The socks are fab! Your feet will be happy indeed!
    Christmas is such a great addition to the house! xo

  2. I bought some sea salt chocolates at Trader Joe’s yesterday. That’s the extent of my Christmas preparations so far. Love the blue of those socks.

  3. I’ve been looking at blue yarns since I did an inventory of my sock drawers and realized that was the least-represented color. You’ve knit a particularly nice one – jeans socks, indeed!

  4. Love the socks and the quilt as a backdrop. Pops the blue color. I remember you casting those on at Rhinebeck.

  5. Nice. Sounds like a great weekend. Looking forward to your year end tally of knitting accomplishments.

  6. 17….W.O.W!! I don’t know how you manage to get it all done…truly….amazing!

    Blue Jean looks so pretty against your quilt. 😉

  7. 17? Seriously? We’ve got to get together so you can teach me to knit … then I can try for #1 … ever. Those are really nice, and they look fantabulous next to the Christmas hanging 🙂

  8. My favorite kind of socks… eminently wearable! The wall hanging is nice too, and I’m looking forward to an upcoming photoshoot of Carole’s Christmas World. As I recall, this is one of your favorite holidays.

  9. Thanksgiving was great for us-made a trip to Indianapolis to visit/party with family (fun,fun,fun!!)
    Love the new socks and love the quilt as well!! Do you have a full picture of the quilt? I would love to see it. (Also, where is the quilt pattern from?)

  10. I have a skein of Kim’s yarn (how I limited myself to just one I do not know), and now you have me itching to knit with it. After the holidays.

  11. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving week-end which included serving dinner at the local church on Thanksgiving day.

    Love the pretty socks – the color is very pretty!

    17 pair – and what is the goal for this year???

  12. That quilt really is a lovely backdrop for the socks. You’re just lucky you got to Kim’s yarn before I did because I love that yarn. Gorgeous blue jean-y colors.

  13. I like your backdrop very much! And I love the blue of those socks. I have to master the picot edge (for some reason I have trouble getting the hang of it) but I love the look of it.

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