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Carnival Socks

And here we have the 18th pair of socks for 2009.

carnival socks 2

I call them my Carnival Socks because the yarn is called “Carnivale” by Brooklyn Handspun. And because I started them in Las Vegas, where life is just a carnival.

carnival socks

No surprise that they are plain stockinette with a picot edge. In fact, of the 18 pairs of socks I knit this year, only 3 of them haven’t been this pattern. I probably ought to broaden my sock knitting horizons.

carnival socks 3

Hannah spied them in my knitting basket the other day and she asked if she could have them. Of course I gave them to her.

Do you think that means they count as a Christmas present?

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  1. It’s snowing at your blog!! How fun is that?!?

    The socks are fun, too, but if Hannah has them on her feet or in her drawer, they don’t count as a Christmas present. Although I suppose you could liberate and wrap them ….

  2. Hannah has great taste. Those might be my favorite socks of all time.

    Tee hee… Its’ beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  3. In regards to your socks, if it’s not broke… right? If you like picot, stockinette socks, sock on!

    Perhaps it’s time to teach Hannah to knit some socks…

  4. OK, I’m such a dork – I’m looking at the socks (cute, by the way) and I’m thinking, “Hannah’s feet must be so cold with all that snow drifting down!” Then I realize it’s the blog-snow I’m seeing. Dorktastic.

  5. I LOVE THEM! They might count as a Christmas gift IF you had waited to wrap them for under the tree. Now your just a nice mom, not Santa.

  6. I love how the socks have a tie-dyed look. Nifty yarn. Nope, not a Christmas gift. But that’s okay; you still spread the spirit of giving cheer. I’d like to learn the picot edging technique. So they stay up as well as a rib? Do you have a suggested tutorial for the picot? Happy Wednesday!

  7. Love the color effect on those socks. Tell her you changed your mind and are taking them back, then wrap them and put them under the tree! jj. I agree with Kate. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. They remind me of Christmas tree lights. Very pretty. And I agree that since you love this style of socks, why force yourself to knit anything else?

  9. Love the socks … love the snow on the blog! I admit to thinking, wow, she captured snow falling in her pictures? LOL Yup, dork here too! You could always wrap up a picture of her feet in the socks & put that under the tree 🙂

  10. The socks are so cute, dream on about them counting towards a Christmas gift (LOL). Girls just love getting presents at any time of the year and she has such a loving mother who will surrender a great pair of socks to daughter.

  11. 18 pairs??!!! You put me to shame! Those are great socks. I’m glad that Hannah loved them, that lucky girl!

  12. Hooray on meeting your 18 pair goal. Those are definitely a winner. Lindsey would love them too. I say that if plain socks with a picot edge make you happy then so be it! And no, they don’t count as a Christmas gift. Silly girl.

  13. The answer is yes and no. You can remind her that they are a Christmas present but you cannot subtract a gift from her total for under the tree. THere. DId you know I am a Santa authority? ha ha ha

  14. I have to agree with Kathy B. ! I love those bright socks and can definitely see why she would want them.

  15. Of course, they count. ;^)

    Why fix what isn’t broken? I was running low on clean socks and have been wearing lace socks and I’m hating it. I don’t need a draft on my foot. I wear socks to be warm. Yeah, just a little whiny over here. /sigh

  16. Those are really cute! You amaze me – you make so many beautiful socks each year…

    I think I am going to challenge myself to making 6 pair of socks in 2010!

  17. Love the socks – I haven’t checked in for awhile so I just got to enjoy your posts from Rhinebeck forward – whew!

  18. Of course they count as a Christmas gift!

    Knitting 18 pairs of socks in one year does not indicate to me a need to change the way one knits socks, unless you feel the need. These are cute and fun!

  19. Those are absolutely fabulous socks!! I’ve made a note of the yarn so that I can add some to my stash at some point.

    Love the bright colors.

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