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Ten on Tuesday

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The theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Favorite Movie/Song remakes. Hmm. This may take some thinking. And some googling.

1. Little Women. Katherine Hepburn was good but Wynona Ryder was even better.

2. The Fly. Special effects improved an awful lot in the years following the original. And Vincent Price just doesn’t do it for me.

3. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This is one of the first scary movies I ever saw in the theater. I couldn’t sleep for weeks.

4. Father of the Bride. It’s hard to think that Steve Martin could improve on Spencer Tracey but I sort of do.

5. Scarface. I had to include this for my stepdaughter, Jessica. It’s her favorite movie of all time.

6. Good Lovin’. I really prefer The Grateful Dead to The Beatles on this one.

7. Dancin’ in the Streets. I love Van Halen. I just can’t help myself.

8. LaBamba. Dale will have my head for this one but I like the Los Lobos version better than Ritchie Valens’ original.

9. Live and Let Die. Guns ‘n Roses nailed it.

10. Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room. Brownsville Station was good but Motley Crue rocked it.

There you have it. 5 movies, 5 songs. Not an easy list to write, I tell you.

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  1. I may have to steal one of your invented themes for this one. I’m unfamiliar with most of your song remakes, don’t like most of the ones I’ve heard — it’s fine to put your own stamp on a song, but please don’t slow. it. to. an. agonizing. largo., and a lot of extra breathing doesn’t help matters either — and as for movies, there was The Birdcage, and… um… The Birdcage.

  2. Great list. I agree with you about Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. One of our family’s favorites. I equally love both Parent Traps. I was surprised the remake was so well done. Enjoy the desert!

  3. Yeah, boy, I agree with Nora and the others….this is way beyond my abilities. Heh. This is one reason I hated memes….I often just simply can’t complete them!!! 😀

  4. I didn’t even try. Since I go for the originals (the oldies) and spend very little time in movie theatres, I couldn’t have come up with a list of 3 much less 10!!

  5. Great list! I must scurry over to YouTube and find those song remakes and to the library website to request the movies.

    I don’t remember Smokin’ in the Boys Room when it was originally popular, but there is a Twin Cities radio station that plays it several times a week. Why? I wonder; it’s not like it was a megahit at the time. I think they play Paradise by the Dashboard Light about as often. Weird.

  6. For sure – Motley Crue! And, I like the Bowie/Jagger version of Dancin’ in the Streets.

    I can’t even do this one!!!!

  7. Smokin’ in the boy’s room! Love it! How about Dixie Chicks Landslide..can’t believe I’ll say it’s better than Stevie Nicks! Great list Carole!

  8. Great list, Carole! I ended up with all songs for mine because I came up rather empty with the movies, though your #4 was on my rough draft. I’m with you on #9 and #10, too!

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