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Happy Veteran’s Day

changing of the guard

Last week I had the opportunity to help other members of my Kiwanis club pack up care packages for the soldiers from our community serving overseas.

To do my part, I went to CVS and I bought 15 bottles of hand sanitizer, 15 tubes of Chapstick, and 15 packages of candy. I spent about $50 and it felt great to actually do something constructive for our soldiers. At our Kiwanis meeting that night everyone worked together to assemble 15 boxes to send out. We filled those flat rate boxes to the brim with lotion and batteries, candy and jingle bells, gum and little goodies. Silly and inexpensive little treats that will hopefully bring a smile to a soldier’s face.

The next day I met my friend Jo-Ann at the post office and I helped her bring all those boxes in and get them shipped out.  I was so proud of our efforts and wanted everyone going in and out of the post office to know that those boxes were going to our troops.

I hear a lot of talk about supporting the troops and helping out but this is honestly the first time I personally have done something tangible and I’m grateful for the experience. You see, I know some of the soldiers receiving those boxes. In fact, one of them is Jo-Ann’s son, Jim. He’s in Afghanistan right now, putting himself in harm’s way to serve our country, just as my friend Sharon’s son, Evan, has been serving in Iraq.

I know that Veteran’s Day is a day to honor our veterans and I’m proud to do that. But I’m also proud to honor our active military today as they are the veterans of tomorrow. So thank you, one and all, for serving.

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  1. Well said, Carole. It does feel great to get out and do something. I like cvsing and the ecb deals. It is a great way for me to be able to give more, too.

  2. As a Mom of an active duty military son, I thank you Carole for what you and your friends did. BTW, if you or anyone else is looking to experience that feell good feeling, check out Operation Write Home for homemade cards for our military. Simple cards send to the troop so that they can write home to family and friends. And Happy Veteren’s Day to all who have served and are currently serving. Very proud of all of you.

  3. Thank you, Carole. My baby brother Jason served a tour in Iraq, and we just received notice he is being deployed to Afghanistan, likely right after Thanksgiving. (I’m still in shock — haven’t even told the kids yet.) Knowing there are folks out there who care is a huge comfort.

  4. Well done! Sometimes I think we forget that it doesn’t take much to perform a giant act of kindness. Kudos!

  5. Well said, well done and congratulations for doing something for
    the men and women who need to know they are loved, greatly respected and we are so thankful for their duty to this country.


  6. I have a package in the car today to send out to Afghanistan. If I’d had half a brain I’d have sent it yesterday, but I tend to forget about vet’s day because a) I never get it off, and b) I don’t have half a brain anymore…

  7. You can knit for the troops too – apparently, neck warmers and helmet liners in wool are in demand, especially in Afghanistan where it gets very cold.

  8. I’ve done a lot of knitting for the Ships Project. Most of what I”ve done is warm slipper socks for the troops to wear to bed. The berths are in the lower decks of the ships, so they serve top deck at over 100 degrees and then go below where it’s really cold and shiver all night. There are many other good programs.

    Those care packages really matter — and it does feel good to picture their faces and happiness when they open the boxes from home. Soldiers Angels coordinates a bunch of relief efforts, too.

  9. what a great idea – the care packages. And I just know that the people who receive them will have big smiles on their faces!

  10. Thanking you for what you did for soldiers Carol. My brother was wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom (non-combat) and came home with ptsd as well as a traumatic brain injury he received in an accident. Every day is work for him to just get through the day. He was there after the war was supposedly over, re-building highways, orphanage, bridges, etc. He was part of the Oregon National Guard and had a construction business before his deployment.

    I appreciate people remembering our soldiers, and particularly appreciate Veterans and Veteran’s Day in entirely new ways than before he was injured. Thank you so much for what you did.

    It makes a difference to them.

  11. See what happens when I don’t go on the computer for a day or two? I totally missed this awesome post, Carole! I’m so glad that you got the ‘feel-goodies’ from doing the troop boxes, and I appreciate all your help in mailing them off. James is so excited that he has packages coming … I just wish it didn’t take so long for them to arrive. If anyone wants to send Christmas cards to a few Soldiers, let me know … my son is serving w/ a Soldier who has no family, so I’m trying to get as many cards & letters to him as I can 🙂

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