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O Christmas Tree

One of the major fundraisers for our Kiwanis club is the annual Christmas tree sale.  It starts every year right after Thanksgiving and goes until the trees are gone – usually about 3 weeks, they tell me. Two Sundays ago the trees were delivered.

trees on the truck

Look at that truck – that’s a lot of trees. 776, to be exactly. How do I know? Because I counted them as they were unloaded. That sounds simple but let me tell you – when there are 5 guys up there unloading they start coming off fast and furious and it’s hard to keep track!

setting out the tree stands

The stands all get set out and the trees are priced and put in place until the stands are full. Then as trees are sold the stands are refilled.

christmas tree lot

Last Sunday Dale and I showed up to work our first 4 hour shift selling trees. He and the other men did the lugging. I did the collecting of the money.

christmas tree lot with wreaths

It was a pleasure to be there last week. It was a mild and sunny day. Plus, the trees are beautiful and it smells soooo good.

christmas tree on car

At the end of our shift we had sold 25 trees – including one for our house! I’ve never bought a tree this early and we won’t be setting it up for at least another week or two, but it was a beauty and I couldn’t resist. Not to mention that the selection is primo at this point.

We go back for another 4 hour shift this Sunday and I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it.

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  1. I was walking our dog last week and walked by a truck like that stacked with trees – the scent was divine! We have a Kiwanis tree sale in our town and it is thanks to good people like you that it is a huge success. Can’t wait to see your tree when it is up.

  2. Fun! I can nearly smell them from here; something about that scent brings back a nearly palpable feeling of being 4 years old and soooo excited about Santa.

  3. I love that smell! Are the trees sitting in cups of water? Down here the cut trees are just sitting with no water and that’s never made sense to me.

  4. Wonderful way to spend your time. I love how the house smells after all the dry pine needles are vacuumed up.

  5. There’s nothing more cheery than walking past a Christmas tree lot at this time of year – it smells good, and makes you happy.

    We’ll probably get our tree soon, I can’t wait!

  6. How nice to get your “pick of the litter”! We have an artificial tree that looks quite real, because we have hot air heat and things (including me) dry out really badly. I set the tree up on Monday night, put the garland on last night and will decorate tonight. I don’t ususally do it in such a piecemeal fashion, but I ahad to work around meetings each evening. Now to find the box with the “Christmas Wreath” Yankee Candles in it so our house smells like Christmas.

  7. I hope those knitting hands are well protected by gloves. How lovely to volunteer amidst the pines of Christmas. Maybe we could move a few trees into the shelter, where it often smells like doo doo.;)

  8. If you have above-freezing weather it is an excellent time to go ahead and hose down your Christmas tree. Yes, hose down – it washes off all the pollen that has accumulated on the tree through the year. Who knew?

    I used to think I just got sick every Christmas – then I found out about this. However, in the Midwest where I grew up there was no way you could have ussed a hose in December!

  9. I miss the smell of a Christmas tree but not enough to put one up. You must have had fun to spend more time selling trees. Stay warm!!

  10. I hope that the tree sales raise a bunch of money for the kiwanis. It’s fun to do something that brings smiles to people’s faces, isn’t it!

  11. When I was a little girl, I used to get absolutely giddy at the sight of those trucks! If the trees were coming in to town, surely Santa would follow! 🙂

  12. I can almost smell those trees. I’m so glad, after your hard work, you were able to pick out the very tree you wanted. Don’t you love this time of year?!

  13. Yay, trees! The Quebecois have arrived with their trees in New York City, and we have to walk through one of their stands to take the kids to school every day. Love the smell.

  14. See you Sunday, I always buy my tree from the Kiwanis . what a grat organization. Good job Carole.

  15. Wow, I’ve never seen a truckload of trees like that. I do love the smell of a real tree, though we have a fake one. I do buy real greens for the mantle so I can have some of that scent in the house.

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