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Thankful Thursdays


Here we are with the final installment of Thankful Thursdays. I have so enjoyed writing these posts and reading everyone else’s posts, too. I think we should do this every year! And today, on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for food. My family has more than enough to eat and I am grateful that I have never known real hunger.

In particular, on this day of feasting, I am thankful for:

1. Turkey. It’s the star of the meal and while I love the white meat for a sandwich, when it comes to the Thanksgiving dinner itself, pass me the thigh.

2. Stuffing. Call it dressing, call it stuffing, call it whatever you want just please make mine with celery, onion, oysters, and lots and lots of Bell’s Seasoning.

3. Mashed potatoes and gravy. This combo rounds out any meal nicely but on Thanksgiving it’s the best part of the meal.

Of course there is also squash and turnip and cranberry sauce. And no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without the relish tray, stuffed dates and figs, and pie – my own contribution to the holiday meal.

Whatever your favorites, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Carole

    THe best to you and yours. Thankful for your great knit blog.
    I’ll some knitting in today as my sister is the hostess this year!

  2. Yum, yum, yum. I love Thanksgiving but the side effect of sticking around in NY so long was getting served EVERYONE’S leftover for days and days. I’m totally turkey’d out. But i could still go for more cranberries. Just sayin’.

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