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New Beginnings

In the spirit of “begin as you mean to continue” I spent my time this weekend, the first of not only a new year but also a new decade,  doing the things I love the most.

mondo cable pulli start

I knitted, of course. This is the start of the Mondo Cable Pulli in Beaverslide. The yarn is yummy and the pattern is well written and I’m enjoying knitting this.

rhinebeck pencil roving

I also did some spinning. This is pencil roving from Rhinebeck that JessaLu threw at me suggested I buy. It feels good to spin again!

I started my Project 365 set on flickr.

rummy score

I kicked Dale’s ass playing rummy. I’m going to pay for posting this (he’s a very sore loser, you know) but it’s so worth it!

I watched some Women’s College Basketball. The Tennessee Lady Vols rocked against Oklahoma.

fresh baked white bread

I cooked. I made delicious chicken chili and crab dip and I baked homemade bread. I love baking bread and the yeasty smell that fills my house when I make it. Mmm.

I finally made homemade pasta. It was fun and the results were delicious! I made fettuccine and then threw together a sauce with baby spinach, mushrooms, garlic, bacon, wine and heavy cream. Yummm.

Let  me see . . . I know there was something else . . . oh yeah . . . I finished Flyingdales . . . on December 30th. wOOt.

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  1. Wow, you were busy this weekend! I love the spinning. Pencil roving is fun to spin, isn’t it? Congratulations on the rummy victory!!! 🙂

  2. The pasta sounds like it came out yummy!

    I like the colors of that pencil roving. I can see why Jess “suggested” it to you!

  3. Great on the finish! And, on making pasta!!! That must have been fun. The bread looks awesome! And, I like the knitting and spinning – but, then you knew I would.

  4. Happy new year, Carole! You’re off to a great start. The Mondo Cable is next on my sweater list! Love that you’re knitting it, too!!

  5. BUSY and productive new year already!!!!

    Mmmmm, I love that yeasty (and non-yeasty sourdough) smell, too. I used to bake bread weekly, but sadly no more.

  6. Ah, the NEW pasta attachment for the Kitchenaid — it’s excellent. The old (first) version was the one that wasn’t so good. That’s a gorgeous sheet of noodle!

    I really did think I should start the year as I meant to go on, but it’s so rare to have DH home that I ended up lounging on the couch with him instead, reading, writing a bit, knitting, and smiling. Today I am doing the Carole thing of setting up the year to come (scalloped potatoes in the oven, knitting, etc.).

  7. As busy as you were, that’s how lazy I was, LOL! Now that you’ve mentioned that yummy bread smell, however, I am going to have to drag out the bread machine soon. Trying to think how to work your a$$kicking into the conversation on Thursday, hehehehehe!

  8. I’m so glad that one of us was victorious in our card-playing. I kept picking the wrong singles to discard and SB ended up winning, but I’ll get him next time!

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