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Random Wednesday

Oh My Darling, Clementine_small_size

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Random Wednesday post and I’ve got a bunch of little things to tell you that don’t really stand alone as “full” posts so now seems like a good time for some random.

  • I’ve been working on the Chevron Love Mittens. They are beautiful but working with 8 yarns at once is beyond frustrating. Fiddly is putting it mildly! I’m determined to finish though, so in the spirit ofย  grin and bear it, I’m plowing through.
  • On New Year’s Day my laptop screen died. The computer itself was working fine and hooking it up to an external monitor gave me the ability to work with it. Luckily I have an on-site warranty so last week 2 technicians from Dell came to the library and performed a 3 1/2 hour surgery on the poor thing. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things keep working because getting a new computer is a pain in the ass.
  • I’m loving Modern Family. It’s definitely the best new sitcom I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Speaking of television, Big Love is back and more intense than ever.
  • But when is True Blood season 3 going to be start?
  • And I could care less that 24 starts in a few days. I’m so over the Jack Bauer Power Hour.
  • I just want to take this opportunity to say that I hate when people post political stuff on Facebook. Well, unless I agree with it. Seriously, though, I am learning things about some people that I just don’t want to know.
  • Finally, how about some good news? Hannah got accepted to her first choice college. We are so proud of her! Of course, this brings home the reality that my little girl will be leaving the nest all too soon. Waaaaaah.

And that’s the random from my world.

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  1. HATE the political stuff on Facebook. I wound up blocking updates from one of my friends during the presidential election, and probably won’t venture over to her profile page again until next Wednesday.

  2. Congratulations to Hannah! But don’t worry Mom, you’ll see her often enough. Remember – YOU have the washing machine!

  3. Now that is too funny! I have my Longaberger Darning basket full of clementines too. Or at least it was yesterday until everyone ate them all.
    The Chevrons? Ask Pat of Patsknittingandquilting how she dealt with all of those colors. Two words: spit splice! And they look wonderful too. Congrats to Hannah!

  4. That is wonderful news about Hannah!!
    Being a mother of 6 and grandmother of 11, I
    think Modern Family is just about the funniest
    program I have seen in ages. I just love it. And
    I agree with you about Love. It was intense this
    week. Also agree about 24. So done with that
    show. So done! Have a great day!

  5. I’m so happy for Hannah!!! What a great feeling! I still remember standing in the foyer reading an acceptance letter for the college I wanted.

  6. Wow, congrats to Hannah! I love the pic of the oranges. It’s my favorite thing about this time of year. Well, except for the snow.

  7. Yeah, I’m so done w/ the whole political thing … I’m just glad we agree to disagree and not talk about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I told Katie about Hannah getting accepted to her first choice and Katie said, “BOO!” … she *so* doesn’t want Hannah to go to college anywhere that would mean she can’t babysit LOL!! I’m not over Jack Bauer yet … I didn’t find him until last season, I need MORE!!!

  8. Congratulations to Hannah! Exciting when your first choice comes through. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am in 100% agreement with you about Facebook – I use it for fun, and hearing people’s rants are not fun …

    I am *so* in agreement with you about Modern Family – it’s one of the few shows I really look forward to watching.

  9. Yay for Hannah! Will she be far from home? It will be an adjustment for both of you. Love citrus in winter. Your photo makes me smile.

  10. Congrats to Hannah! Don’t tell me too much about Big Love, we don’t have HBO so we’re watching it through Netflix – the first disc of last season should be in my mailbox today! Squee!!!

  11. Yay for Hannah!! woot woot!!
    and yes – the leaving for college time is no fun….. so no thinking about it for now. ‘kay?
    glad they could save your laptop. I agree that new computers are a pita.

  12. Love your randoms.

    If your daughter gets to go to the school of her choice, it will likely make her very happy. When they are happy, we are happy too. You will be fine, a bit sad, but fine when she goes. I can’t really explain it. When Al was at a college she didn’t like, our lives were so sad. Then she found her way at another one and it was good.

  13. Hooray for Hannah!

    I’ve actually stopped with the Facebook for the most part, because I can’t stand the way some people present themselves there. Particularly some people I know in real life who provide all kinds of braggy, opinionated, generally nauseating information. Ick!!!

  14. Congrats to you and Dale and Hannah! getting into her first choice school is awesome.
    I like Modern Family too. The Middle and Modern Family just crack us up and we really need a good laugh these days. Of course the show I’m most excited for is the return of Project Runway tomorrow. Time to make it work!

  15. I’m so happy for Hannah. How exciting!

    I usually keep my political opinions to myself. Especially on Facebook. I don’t feel like getting into a debate about it. I’m not good with that stuff.

    Hope your computer holds out. It’s amazing how much we depend on them!

  16. Hooray for Hannah!!

    And as for FB. Couldn’t agree more! I knew that some of my friends didn’t agree with me politically, but I wasn’t convinced that they were raving lunatics until I read some of their facebook rants!

  17. Hooray for Hannah
    Hooray for Big Love
    Hooray the political ads will be over on Wed.
    Hooray your going to Florida on Friday. Have a great time

  18. I’m happy for Hannah! I really like Modern Family and also Men of a Certain Age…about Trueblood, I am a big fan who is waiting for season 2 to be released on dvd since I don’t have HBO. I read very mixed reviews. Carole, did you love season 2? Is it a buy it or a rent it? Also, what a pretty quilt under your satsumas- did you make that?

  19. On random #1 – A quick spit splice at each Chevron color junction makes it SOOOO easy – no ends to carry up OR weave in. (and this yarn felts very easily for nice strong splices!)

  20. I also love that Big Love is back. My hubby thinks it’s funny that I was able to sing along to the song they were singing in their “church”.

    Congrats to Hannah! Not everyone gets their 1st choice, so she must be a smarty pants. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Congratulations to Hannah! That is very exciting.

    I hate the political stuff too. There’s a time and place for everything, and I go to Facebook to keep up, not to get a diatribe.

  22. Most happy for Hannah! And, a little sad for you to see your “baby” leaving the nest…

    I had it with the Jack Bauer Power Hour after the 1st season…and, I love Big Love!

    My friends must be very nice because none of them are posting political stuff on FB – yet!

  23. Congrats to Hannah! I have no comment on the facebook thing cause I live in DC and my husband works for a polling firm doing IT type stuff. We are friends with most of his colleagues so political junk comes up all the time. Luckily we are pretty like minded for the most part!

    Modern Family is such a great show! I am so happy it is being renewed for a second season. Big Love is back? Really! That’s wonderful news! I started to forget why I was keeping HBO around…

  24. Congrats Hannah!!! Love Modern Family and Big Love. I agree about facebook – I can’t stand reading the negative stuff – enough of that on TV. I just sent my son’s deposit for college this morning – so happy for him but it doesn’t seem possible.

  25. Way to go, Hannah! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I swear. It’s so much easier to be friendly with people if we don’t know too much about them or what they believe. Too much information about ANYTHING and I’m looking for a rock to crawl under.

  26. Carole, I think I’ve commented this before, but I think we are TV twins. Do you also enjoy the Good Wife and Castle? My husband and I like those as well.

  27. I completely agree about the FB political stuff – I try to not say anything on mine however, there are those in my friends list who ended up blocked for a bit because they’re a bit outspoken and kind of rude about things. One said something completely out of line about Teddy and I lost it to the point that even R said something! ;o)

    Yay for Hannah! We’re looking forward to having her “down the road” from us, hehe

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