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Ancient Threads Socks

I finished the first pair of socks of 2010 a week or so ago and I’ve been wanting to photograph them for you ever since. The problem has been coordinating weather and lighting conditions. It’s been warm but raining or cool but dark or too damn cold to sit outside long enough for a photo shoot. Yesterday I gave in and photographed them on the kitchen table.

ancient thread legs

I know it’s not as satisfying as seeing the socks on my feet but they still look pretty good.

ancient thread toes

The yarn is Ancient Threads Tri sock yarn that I bought at Massachusetts Sheep and Wool a couple of years back. I’m pretty sure JessaLu bought a skein of the same color combo.

ancient thread heel stitches

The colors are so pretty and there was absolutely no pooling at all.

ancient thead picot close up

The pattern is here is, of course, Carole’s Picot Edge Sock.  You can get it on Ravelry,too. The macro lens is really great for capturing that picot edge.

ancient thread folded socks

I do love some good sock porn.

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  1. Beautiful! Guess what? I’ve turned the heel on my socks and am getting closer to being able to cast on for Carole’s Picot Edge Socks!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the finished socks from that yarn. They are gorgeous and look so warm! Maybe I’ll have you pick up a skein for me if you see it again. Nice work! I love that your pattern is on Ravelry, too.

  3. What a great combination of colors. Those socks will see a lot of wear. I finished my second picot sock yesterday morning. Once I get a them on Ravelry, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the inspiration. All the gals in my Thursday knit group are making them too!

  4. Really gorgeous. I’m a sucker for color, sometimes nothing else matters. But in this case, lovely marriage of socks to a great yarn.

  5. The socks are sweet, they remind me of the hydrangeas in my garden and how they change through the seasons from various shades of pinks to the gentle tans in the winter. (The leaves don’t always fall completely off in warmer winters.

  6. The socks are gorgeous and they do remind me of hydrangeas
    (my very favorite flower). And your photos are wonderful!

  7. Gorgeous socks!! Love them—what color number would that be, please?!? Never heard of Ancient Threads yarn before – beautiful!

  8. Beautiful socks, Carole. Did you realize that they are a lot like the colors of your beautiful shells? (at least on my monitor!)

  9. Beautiful socks in a yummy Spring-y colorway! They will be fun to wear. I really like the picot edge and will have to try it the next time I make a pair of socks.

  10. Hi, question for you about socks, hope you can help. I am an experienced knitter, but i have made very few pairs of socks. Do your finished socks “stay up” as you wear them? I knit contiential style and very loosely, should I knit socks on a size 0 ? I’d like to knit some but want them to be wearable when completed.

  11. Gorgeous socks and I love the short color segments – I hate pooling! I’ve added your pattern to my library so I expect to be knitting a pair of your socks very soon.

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