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Ten On Tuesday

Civil War Sword for blog

Guess who wore his Civil War uniform for a meeting the other day? I couldn’t resist hauling out the camera for a photo or two.

The off-topic topic this week is 10 Household Tasks You’ve Been Avoiding. I have an ulterior motive for this one – I’m going to use this as my “to do” list for the next few weeks. I’m hoping that putting these things out in the blogging universe will keep me focused. Here we go:

  1. Clean up the bedroom closet. The new shelves we installed last year are working great but things have gotten messy in there and I need to go in and straighten up and reorganize a bit.
  2. Paint an accent wall in the kitchen. We’ve got white walls and I love them but there’s one wall that I’d like to paint a sunny yellow. It won’t take much time so I just need to DO IT.
  3. Organize the pantry cupboard in the mudroom. I tend to buy stuff and stick it in there and then I forget about it. A little inventory is in order.
  4. Take photos of yarn. Okay, technically this isn’t a household task but it sort of is because I don’t put new yarn away until I’ve photographed it and entered it into Ravelry. Right now all the yarn I’ve bought recently is in a basket on the floor in our home office. Time to photograph it and put it on the yarn shelves.
  5. Straighten up the craft room. Christmas wrapping paper is still out, empty boxes are on the floor, yarn is spilling out of baskets. It’s a mess in there and it’s time to do something about it.
  6. Pick out a window treatment for the dining room. Right now I’ve got a plain sheer up there because I just can’t decide what I want. Time to make a decision already.
  7. Clear out the clutter in the mudroom. It needs to get warmer before I can tackle this one, though!
  8. Wash the windows. I’m hoping I can bribe Hannah to do this one.
  9. Get a center piece for the dining room table. See #6.
  10. Go through the coat rack and donate the ones we don’t wear anymore. I meant to do this before Christmas and it completely slipped my mind. It’s still cold here, though, and I know the shelters are full of people so I’m hoping my coats can still make a difference.

And there you have it. Just writing this stuff down has helped me feel more organized!

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  1. Great list! You’ll have to keep us updated on your progress. 🙂 No way my list is going to get done in a few weeks, but I can try to do a few things.

  2. Oh, good work. Your list makes me feel guilty – I have so many similar chores to tackle, and I always seem to find something better to do!

  3. Super list! I have a few of my own to tackle. Yarn organization and consolidation in containers would be one of them.

  4. Ah, your list sounds familiar. My closet has become something from a SF channel movie. I’m certain that there is a force at work to keep the clothing from their appropriate shelves!

  5. I am a firm believe in Closet Imps. THEY are the ones that hide the extra bottle of catsup in the pantry…until you own three. THEY are the ones that mess up the neat stacks in the linen closet and so on.

  6. You’re such a good dooby … I should totally make a list like that, but I keep procrastinating! I am doing an accent wall in the dining room, but I’m doing forest green 🙂 If you need help w/ the painting, I am volunteering!

  7. Take a deep breath, put your feet up…the feeling will pass given enough time! However, if you are still inspired come on over; I have chest freezer that has not been defrosted in 5 years and I know there must be something interesting at the bottom of it.

  8. Excellent list. As usual it’s got a lot in common with mine but then again, who doesn’t have a lot of decision making and organizing to do?

  9. If you had a resolution to get your Christmas shopping done early this year, having the Christmas wrapping paper out wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

  10. Hmmm. I think I might have to steal the idea of a “to do” list of this magnitude. I’ve been over busy with a huge work project, so I’ve pretty much ignored the house. Things have accumulated as a result of this. I’ve tried to start working on this or that, but then I get distracted by another looming stack.

    Maybe a list will help me to focus.

    Thanks for the idea!

  11. I love-love-love the photo. What meeting? If he showed up like that for a PTA meeting…

    Great list. Your positive attitude about the painting made me look at my walls — mine aren’t easy. Way too much trim in this house and rounded corners so I really have to have each room entirely one color. Bother. Would enjoy a sunny yellow wall! What I really want to do is replace the backsplash, but it’s a huge kitchen and a LOT of tile with cut-outs for plugs and cabinets. Still stewing over that one. The tile is way too textured, “rustic” I guess, and hard to clean. Guess I could plaster and paint over it. Hmmm.

  12. Nice photo, and that list looks like you’ve been peeking. I just might need to work through most of those myself 😉

  13. what a great list – and inspiring (honestly!) I have so many small projects I want to complete, even tho this is a rental house.
    I suspect that number 8 might also need to wait for spring to arrive (grins)

  14. I could not do this post with it being WAY TMI. So I sit in silence and read. So much to do in my house.

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