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Ten On Tuesday

Upside Down Kitty small size for blog

Ten on Tuesday didn’t post last week so there’s no official topic again this week. Luckily, I have come up with my own idea and have shared it with a few friends. And if you are someone who would like to be notified of the topic I pick when there isn’t an official one – please give me a shout out in the comments today.

Anyway, today we are listing 10 Ways To Get Through The Rest of Winter.

  1. Take a vacation to somewhere warmer. I already did this and it sort of helped – but I’d like to go back already.
  2. Buy yourself some pretty flowers. Tulips are my favorite and they just happened to be on sale this week. Score.
  3. Knit colorful socks.
  4. Hang out with a cat. There’s nothing like a kitty snuggling by your side to make you feel warm.
  5. Watch for signs of daffodils and tulips and crocus coming up. I usually see the first green shoots poke through in early February.
  6. Get yourself a pedicure. Personally, I get one every two weeks but I know a lot of people stop in the winter.
  7. Go to the flower show. The Boston Flower Show is back this year and I’m so happy about that!
  8. Have an indoor picnic. It’s been a long time since Dale and I have done this, and the dog can make it rather challenging, but it’s still fun to put a quilt on the living room floor and eat some bread and cheese and drink some wine.
  9. Force some forsythia to bloom indoors. Nothing says spring like forsythia.
  10. Go to SPA. A weekend of spinning, knitting, eating and drinking with grrlfriends is appropriate anytime of year but it’s especially welcome at the end of February.

It’s not easy to make it through the winter when you love the warm weather like I do. Thanks for sticking around and making it better for me!

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  1. Great list – I just heard that the Flower Show is returning!! I really missed it last year. What is SPA?

  2. I love a pedicure. I get one to kick off the summer each year. Every two weeks?! You must have the prettiest feet on the east coast. Ooh La La!

  3. Good ideas, one and all. (Are two cats better than one cat?) We always took the view that we should enjoy wintery things during the winter here in New England – the sledding, the skating, the cross country skiing, the early darkness making it cozy indoors – but our love for wintery things is wearing very, VERY thin as we get older….

  4. All fantastic ideas. Staying busy is another sure way to pass the time – I just figured out that it will be nearly the end of February before I have another obligation-free weekend!

  5. Like the list – I totally agree with the tulips. They are such a pickmeup and they last for at least a week. Hmmm…I might have to get some soon!

  6. I’m with you on the flowers and the cat. I am more than willing to comfort you and try to make your winter better – will you do the same when I am suffering in the heat next August?

  7. Oh, I like all of those ideas…I didn’t know Boston had a flower show. I’ll bet it is awesome…

    Do give me a shout out when there isn’t an official topic and you have one going…Please…

  8. I look at a table of local sunrise/sunset times and note how much less daylight we had a month ago than we have now, and how much more than we have now we’ll have a month from now. At this time of year I do this every couple of days. Since the table doesn’t change from year to year, never mind every couple of days, and I practically have it memorized by now, this is probably neurotic, but it comforts me.

    I don’t know yet if I can go to SPA. I hope so.

  9. ahhh. nice list. It raises my spirits just to read it. We have had such a warm winter thus far, I am not sure our tulips will even bloom! yikes!

  10. You hit all the places my best friend and I hit on our yarn crawls in the Plymouth area when she visits me here…except try a Key Lime Pie Martini at the John Carver Inn…we usually end up there…yum!

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