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End of May Mittens

Oooh look! More knitting! More mittens!

end of may mittens pair

I finished the End of May Mittens on Monday – just after the January NaKniMitMo deadline.

end of may mittens thumb

The yarn is the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca that I bought at the Wool Basket in Duxbury. I love the raspberry and brownish gray combination.

end of may cuffs

The lining is a bit of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  The alpaca and cashmerino together make for incredibly soft mittens.

end of may mittens cuff and palm

And that is a very very good thing. Especially given a certain ground hog’s prediction this week.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Are you signing on for the Knitting Olympics this winter and, if so, Rav or Harlot?

  2. Love the colors, and I’m glad you’re not going to let Hannah claim them! This one is definitely in my queue for projects I want to knit 🙂

  3. Another nice pair of mittens. I hope you’re keeping these for yourself to get through the next few weeks. I think we ought to teach that darned groundhog a lesson.

  4. Oh, what a luxurious combination! I love the colors and yes, it looks like you will still be able to get quite a lot of use out of them. Good job, grrl!

  5. Ohhh, Carole, I’m behind in my blog-reading duties, as I’ve been a tad bit BUSY, heh-heh. BUT THESE ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!

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