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Ten on Tuesday

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You ever have one of those free weekends? The kind where you need somewhere to go or something to do? And you know there are places you’ve been meaning to go but now that you have the free time you just can’t remember what those places are? Well today’s Ten on Tuesday post is all about that. Because sometimes we need a list to remind us of the 10 Places We’ve Been Meaning to Visit.

  1. Historic Deerfield. Yankee Candle for me, history for Dale. That’s a win/win.
  2. The Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum. I haven’t been since the big heist in 1990 and Dale has never been at all so this is way overdue.
  3. JFK Library. I worked for a caterer and we did an event there years ago but that’s it so it’s time for an official visit.
  4. Sandwich Glass Museum. There’s a nice tea shop nearby, too.
  5. Peabody Essex Museum. This is recently remodeled and I know we’d both enjoy it.
  6. Fruitlands. I read about this in Yankee magazine and I want to visit this spring.
  7. Providence Place. I’m not much for shopping malls but I hear awesome things about this place.
  8. Webs. I have still never been. Can you believe it?
  9. Nantucket. Dale is reading In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick right now so he’s all psyched for a trip to the island.
  10. Portland, ME. We went there for a wedding several years back and we’ve been meaning to go for a weekend alone ever since. Maybe this summer?

That’s my list. Let’s hope that Dale takes all those hints.

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  1. Nice list! I haven’t been to the Isabella Gardner Museum either. My mom and I had meant to go together forever and sadly it just never happened. She loved to go in the winter time.

    Portland heh. The famous SPA train wreck place. šŸ˜€ What the hull?

  2. Good list. Haven’t been to JFK library which is one of those places I never took advantage of while living in NE. Lived in RI
    for 25 years and not sure what is exciting about Providence Place so I wouldn’t put that one my list to return to. Portland,ME is delightful and would love to go back. Nantucket
    is a must for you to see. Have been going there for years. Fun
    to think about places to to visit. Hope you are feeling a little
    bit better every day.

  3. What a terrific idea for 10 on Tuesday. In Oregon there is something called the Fruit Loop I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks (again) for the inspiration. Happy day!

  4. Excellent list! I’ve been to a few on there, including WEBS. Mmm… yarn… Why not organize a field trip with some friends? Or put out the call to your net yarnies and have a meetup! I’d go. (Not that I’m sure that’s an incentive. LOL)

    I haven’t been to the Isabella since ’93… god, has it been that long?! We had an art teacher who grew up in Boston and she’d take us once a year on a field trip. I love that museum.

  5. Looks like there be some travelin’ in your future, missy! I hope you’re able to cross off all those places sometime soon šŸ™‚

  6. Too bad they’ve canned the Cat ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia. But it’s a nice drive up to NB and the ferry from St. John to Digby brings you within a one hour drive of me. Dale would love the historic Shelburne waterfront, only an hour’s drive on the other side of me, and I would love to have some visitors. Consider yourself invited!

  7. Great list! I’ve been to Portland, but no place else on your list. Maybe you should leave this post up on your computer screen for Dale to stumble upon. šŸ™‚

  8. Have you ever been to the Higgins Armory Museum or the Worcester Art Museum? I used to go to college in Worcester, and these are two gems worth seeing there.

  9. you left out Gettysburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Shiloh, Manassas, Fredericksburg, West Point, Charleston, Appomattox, Harper’s Ferry…and did I mention Gettysburg?

  10. Portland, Nantucket and Webs would be on my list too. Some of the others are less familiar but sound great too.

    Dales’s comment cracked me up. I almost put Gettysburg on my list since I keep passing through there and I’d love to stop and visit one day.

  11. Now you’ve made this Upstate NY’er positively jones for Cape Cod, the Maine Coast, the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe if I try real hard, I can remember what salt spray in the air smells like. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip.

  12. OH! Tell me when you’re going to Fruitlands, and I’ll meet you there. It’s only about 20 minutes from us, and I’ve never been there. (I presume you’ve already done historic Concord up one side and down the other? That’s even closer to me.)

  13. We went to Portland last summer for an overnight with the kids while we were in MA visiting family. It was so much fun – we went to the beach, at lobster, went to the Victoria House, stopped at a few yarn shops – we all had a lot of fun.

  14. Very neat places! I love musems – and I still haven’t been to the two I want to go to – #2 and #3 on your list…

  15. I went to the Peabody Essex a coupla decades ago and it was very interesting then… I’ve never been to Webs either! Portland has yarn! Portland has lobster! Portland has boats! Portland has ferry rides out to the islands! Portland has a fabulous bakery (the Standard Bakery)! Portland has an art museum!

  16. Great list! Some I’ve been to, some I’ve been meaning to go to, and a few I’ve never heard of (Fruitlands? looks interesting!).
    Portland is a great little city with tons of restaurants, pubs, yarn shops, museums, and more. Come in the spring or fall or you’ll be amidst all the tourists! (I’m sure you’re used to that in your part of the world too).

  17. Haven’t been to Historic Deerfield, Fruitlands, or the Sandwich Glass Museum, but they’re on my list (the one in my head, anyway). And I can vouch for the rest. The cafe at the Gardner was always yummy; American Seasons on Nantucket is deeelicious; there are good LYSes near the Peabody Essex (Seed Stitch in Salem and Yarns in the Farms up a little ways in Beverly Farms). When we’re in Bath for the summer we try to get down to Portland every once in a while – love the Old Port neighborhood, and it’s fun to catch a Sea Dogs game.

  18. This sounds a lot like my list would be…it’s amazing how we always manage to NOT go to places that are practically right in our backyard, isn’t it? We were hoping to get to do a weekend away (we were thinking of Portland, or Cape Ann) before the peanut arrives but I don’t think it’s going to happen now…

    I HAVE, however, been to Webs. And Historic Deerfield. šŸ™‚

  19. I do not like to shop, except for books and yarn. I do not like malls. But I have been to Providence Place and want to go back. We were there for 2 hours and barely scratched the surface. All the stores you would have to go to Boston or Hingham for are there, in one place with convenient parking. Plus a designer consignment store! Maybe I was swept away because it’s been decades since I’ve been in a Pottery Barn, but it was like a magical Narnia to me. A Narnia without the lion, the witch or the Biblical allegory. Well, okay, a Narnia with kids and a wardrobe and really cool pots and pans. C.S. Lewis must have died before he got to the pots and pans.

  20. I’ve always wanted to go to Historic Deerfield. Tony would enjoy that too. Let us know when you and Dale want to go, and let’s all go together!

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