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Ten on Tuesday

Spring Is Coming resized for blog

Spring really is coming!

This week we are doing 10 Things You Want to Knit RIGHT NOW. Another easy topic, I think I’m sensing a theme.

  1. Hamamelis. I think I might even start this one this week.
  2. Brainwash Bag. I promised myself I would try intarsia.
  3. Spartan Pullover. Dale needs a new sweater.
  4. Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. This will look great in handspun, I think.
  5. Morning Surf Scarf. Another scarf for using up the handspun.
  6. Entrelac Scarf. I’ve wanted to make this since Hillary did.
  7. Fountain Pen Shawl. Susan designs some of the best shawl patterns.
  8. Maplewing Shawl. I’ve put this off because it looks overwhelming but I know it’s a project I can sink my teeth into. Plus, it’s gorgeous and I want to wear it!
  9. Ulmus Shawl. I have a bit of sock yarn and I think this pattern fits the bill.
  10. Simple Things. Again with the handspun projects.

That’s my list. Of course it’s subject to change the minute I see something newer and shinier on a blog or Ravelry. I know you all know what that’s like.

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  1. Great list and I really enjoyed seeing what you want to knit! I love that Spartan Pullover!

    I haven’t thought of it before but maybe you should put up a Mr. Linky (Is that what it’s called?) so all your participants can click over to see what everyone else wants to knit now. 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see there are some projects there for your handspun!! it’s gorgeous stuff and it’d be nice to see all knit up 🙂

    That spartan sweater is nice….. unfortunately, Dan wants a EZ seamless hybrid… all that stockinette. 🙂

  3. Great things on this list! I have made Maplewing — there’s nothing really hard — it is just big! Anne’s charts are the best.

    Thanks for your blog — I read and read and never say thanks!

  4. The statement “I have a bit of sock yarn” made me giggle. I had never thought of making a Multidirectional Scarf out of handspun. Great idea.

  5. I can’t argue with any of those. I have a couple of them on my list – particularly the Foutain Pen shawl.

  6. I love your list and your theme today. I would love to see you
    do today’s 10 again in the future!

  7. My list contains several of those as well, but I hadn’t seen the surf scarf before. Ooh! That may need to go on my list.

  8. Nice list Carole! Some great things there for handspun – especially the Entrelac! I can’t believe what a pattern and project ho I am. So easily persuaded. Hope you’re feeling better and the coughing is going away. Slowly but surely it will. XOXOXOX

  9. The only one of these I have made is the Multidirectional Scarf; I can attest to its loveliness and ease of making. You’ve already got me started on the Baktus even though, oh dear, I already have an unfinished Just Enough Ruffles on the needles…….

  10. That’s a great list, I have a few of those on my list too. I realized while cleaning out my fiber closet (there are a few clothes in there too) this weekend that I have a TON of fiber and even more handspun. I really need to do something with it!

  11. This is a fun topic, thanks! I want to make an entrelac scarf too. And the simple things shawl is great — you know my love of the simple!!

  12. 3. For my DH I’d shift the colourwork up to his chest. Certain aspects of his figure don’t need emphasis…
    5. This one feels so good!
    8. I love Anne’s edges. Some of her patterns are a bit tricky, but she walks you through the hard parts so well — she is one of the few designers where I learn a little something new every time I knit her patterns.
    10. Saw one of these, a Baktus, and quite a few of the eyelet Baktus variation at Stitches West. Most were in colors that coordinated well with the wearer’s hair color, lots of soft warm browns. Very cozy looking.

    Back when the big knitlist wasn’t so big, Joan Fernbach started the knitting buddies’ project. I was the most fortunate person — she gave me Lois Baker (TechKnit) as my partner. The initial thing was to email your partner with a list of 10 projects you wanted to knit or needed to finish. Lois and I continued it for years and built a rare and wonderful friendship. Your list of ten reminded me that I owe her an email.

  13. What a good idea for a 10 on Tuesday post! You’ve got a great list there; I’m sure the only hard thing about this post was stopping at ten 🙂

  14. I like your list. I hadn’t ever seen a few of those pattens before, that was fun.

  15. We all know what we’re like. Er, what that’s like. Because we’re like that. You have some nice ones there.

  16. So happy to see that hopeful sign of spring! I’ll have to go have a walk about my garden. There must be a few daffodils peaking up around here too.

    I’m very flattered to see two of my patterns on your list. Thank you!

  17. All of those are gorgeous knits! The shawls simply take my breath away – I don’t know why – but, I love them all…

    My list is up – and your socks are first on my list!!!

  18. I love the list. I’m doing a multidirectional scarf in handspun right now–and you’re right. It looks great. Perfect for the handpainted top that barberpoles into overlapping colors. Ten projects isn’t too many to start at once, is it?!

  19. great list! and I have begun the maplewing shawl, with some of Kim’s yarn. and it is heavenly.
    ..and , just warning you.. each row is taking me about an hour right now….. (but it is getting faster as I get better at it). I love this pattern, and cannot wait to wear it myself! (but my daughter is teasing me that I won’t get it done til I’m in a nursing home! hah!) Maybe we can spur each other on??

  20. Great list. I’m honored to have inspired you. You are brave to try intarsia. I think that felted intarsia is very forgiving so the bag will probably be a really good choice.

  21. What beautiful projects you have planned! I really love the maplewing shawl – might have to add that one to my list. Happy knitting!

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